NHCash, a provider of small lines of credit to borrowers in the US, selected Millennium to increase leads and loans.

The strategy included new website UX/UI and high-volume Google Ads campaigns.


NHCash provides small lines of credit to borrowers throughout the US. In particular, the company serves people who are often overlooked by traditional creditors and misled by payday lenders. Millennium was tasked with creating a website presence that was approachable, user-friendly, and informative for NHCash’s customers. The desired actions for visitors were to (1) learn about the benefits of a loan from NHCash and (2) APPLY for a loan through the website. Existing customers were able to manage their accounts through a secure online portal. Millennium also worked with NHCash to develop an extensive pay-per-click advertising campaign with a monthly budget of $100,000.


Millennium worked closely with NHCash to create a website design and structure that appealed to the target market – the design needed to make the user feel like they were no different than their peers with higher credit scores. Millennium created a sophisticated design that was also easy to use and understand. The loan payment calculator on the homepage was designed and programmed to help users visualize the benefits of NHCash over a payday lender. The animated instructional video, also on the homepage, helped visually represent the lending process, so users could be more informed and comfortable borrowing from NHCash.

In order to significantly increase leads and loans, Millennium worked with NHCash to target people searching for high-value, low-competition keywords through Google Ads. Potential applicants were further targeted through a location-based campaign to guarantee that all conversions were viable loan applicants. Next, over 150 customized landing pages were created to improve ad performance and increase the user experience once a customer engaged with an ad. The advertisements and landing pages were adjusted regularly based on A/B testing in order to deliver the highest conversion rates. Consistent monitoring of the campaign, along with ongoing maintenance and reporting, ensured that ad positions and quality scores remained high to improve over campaign results.


Through its intensive Google Ads campaign, Millennium was able help NHCash exceed their objectives. The campaign delivered an average of 147,643 impressions per month and 6,778 clicks per month, making its average monthly click-through-rate (CTR) 4.73%. This CTR is more than double the average for the finance and insurance industry, which is 2.65%. The campaign also yielded on average 2,354 conversions per month, which delivered an exceptionally high average monthly conversion rate of 33.5%, more than triple the industry average conversion rate of 7.19%.

  • Delivered a high average monthly CTR of 4.73% (benchmark for finance industry: 2.65%)
  • Achieved an exceptional average monthly conversion rate of 33.5% (benchmark for finance industry: 7.19%)
  • Increased relevant impressions and clicks within budget
  • Resulted in significant increase in apps and loans

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