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Solidscape, a 3D printing manufacturer with a global footprint, selected Millennium to increase its digital marketing strategy. The strategy included landing pages, SEO optimization, keyword research, and social media.

The Challenge

Solidscape is a 3D printing manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and markets high precision 3D printers for manufacturing of solid objects designed in CAD. These 3D printed objects are wax patterns that provide the industry’s highest standards in surface finish, accuracy, and material castability. Solidscape selected Millennium to increase overall lead generation for custom jewelry design through 3D printers. This encompassed a rebrand, website redesign, search engine optimization, and social media.

The Solution

Millennium worked expeditiously to launch a new brand for an international jewelry design competition, BaselWorld. To increase overall lead generation, Millennium devised a digital and creative strategy consisting of a unique logo design that set the tone for the lead generation landing page. This landing page featured the contestants, judges, and past winners as well as a prominent “Submit Your Entry” form. Once the landing page was established, the digital marketing strategy drove potential applicants to the lead generation landing page using web banners and email blasts. Testimonials were featured in web banners that showcased the incredible designs completed by artists using Solidscape’s 3D printing solutions.

The Result

Millennium improved the digital marketing strategy for Solidscape through a strategic website rebuild, web banners, e-blast templates, presentation materials, and more. The testimonial-focused web banners increased interest and drove traffic to the landing page to increase participation in the design contest. The consistent creative approach across web, social, and digital marketing created repetition and awareness of the contest and the Solidscape brand among key audiences. Solidscape continues to grow in the competitive 3D printing industry.

  • Increased lead generation
  • International sales opportunities
  • Brand consistency, awareness, and engagement

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