Tune in and listen to one of our many Marketing Murder Mystery podcasts that tackle the latest news, events, and trends that are occurring in the marketing world. Linda Fanaras, CEO of Millennium Agency help businesses gain insight on some of the largest brands in the world and learn how they have achieved success.


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Rebounding economy marketing podcast
Mysteries of Marketing in a Rebounding Economy
Airlines Response Marketing Podcast
Why AA, Emirates and Delta May be Airing on Caution
Emotional Messaging
Will rushing your workforce back to work kill your brand?
Charmin Marketing Podcast
How The Pandemic Could Kill The Charmin Brand.
marketing podcast Marvel Black Widow
Will The Coronavirus Kill Marvel’s Black Widow
McDonald’s changing their logo: A supersize lapse in judgment?
Free Marketing can be a branding disaster
The Price of Free
Not advertising during the virus can kill your brand
Radio Silence: The Silent Killer
Marketing Podcast KFC tagline
Marketing Mystery: Did Colonel Sanders Get The Virus?
lizard on a log, marketing podcast
Geico: The Value of Segmented Marketing
Marketing podcast General Mills Branding
General Mills: Is Their Premium Brand A Cereal Killer?
Burger King’s Moldy Whopper Ad : Triumph or Regicide?

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