This special edition of the B2B Brand180 podcast is a must-listen for biotech and pharmaceutical companies looking to stand out from the competition.

Linda dives into the power of web design and how to use personalized photography, vibrant visuals, and creative design elements to capture your audience’s attention. She also highlights the importance of having a mobile-friendly website, colors that match the brand, and avoiding stock imagery. Plus, she explains how professional branding firms can help you create a high-value biotech website that will help convert. Don’t miss this essential episode!


Linda Fanaras: 

If you want to transform your B2B marketing into a powerhouse brand, then you may want to listen in. And if you like what you heard today, click like, share, or subscribe. Hi, I’m Linda Fanaras, CEO of Millennium Agency, and I’m your host today. I’m excited to talk to you about how to build a strong website designed for your biotech brand. So, let’s get to it. So, your biotech website should feature unique elements and vibrant visuals that represent your mission, vision, and product successfully to your target audience. Establishing a strong biotech website requires research, data analytics, trial and error, and a lot of patience. And as a leader, you are no stranger to trusting the research and trial process, but you may not know how to approach that. Whether you are establishing a new biotech firm or branding your existing website and content, having strong web design elements in your biotech website will make significant differences in how your brand is perceived. Number one, use personalized photography. A strong biotech website will feature unique content and imagery. One of the best ways to show your biotech brand’s personality on your website is the use of original photography taken directly on your work site and in your offices. Showing the actual people that make up your biotech firm will give your patients, healthcare professionals, hospitals, pharmacies, and wholesalers the impression of an authentic, transparent biotech firm they can trust. And using original photos and videos throughout your biotech website will make your company stand out and give potential patients and customers a positive impression. Take a look at BioMarin Pharmaceuticals’ website, for example. Their website features a wide variety of unique personalized photography on all the pages. Their homepage features a diverse range of patients and showcases their headquarters, giving website visitors an immediate impression of what they have to offer. Instead of using standard stock imagery that can be found on a variety of websites, BioMarin uses unique photo elements on their website to boost the overall look and experience for patients and HCPs. Number two, consider vibrant visuals. Your biotech brand’s logo and color theme are incredibly important visuals that are the first thing website visitors see. Visitors spend 15 seconds deciding whether they’re going to move forward browsing on the site they clicked on. This means that your biotech website has 15 seconds to win them over. An eye-catching relevant logo and appropriate color scheme can attract their attention and more and more biotech firms are beginning to use more vibrant colors. But that does not mean including a neon orange or a bright green will help get the job. Using vibrant visuals can engage website visitors, but not overusing too many bold colors as it could definitely overwhelm people. Different colors are associated with different emotions and moods, so for example, red is a bold color. It can invoke passion, power, and warmth. Yellow is seen as friendly, cheerful, and youthful, whereas purple is associated with luxury, authenticity, and high quality. Different colors have different meanings, and different industries will favor different colors on how they resonate with their target audiences. Vertex’s website is a prime example of a powerful color scheme with a relevant logo. The triangle shape pays homage to the literal definition of Vertex. The top of the apex implies that the Vertex is the top biotech firm, and as their key color scheme, their main purple color is successful at positioning the company as authentic, powerful, and truthful. But their secondary colors of orange, red, and teal all pair seamlessly with their primary color, giving a sleek and clean result, which is exactly what biotech branding should be. Number three, easy mobile navigation. Today with 85% of Americans owning a smartphone, your biotech website must be mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website will give users the exact experience on their phone, tablet, or other device that they would have on a computer. As an example, Ionis Pharmaceuticals does this successfully with easy navigation, a complete user experience and access to all the pages on their original website. The search bar is easily located and works smoothly for quick navigation on the go, and the bottom of their website features a scrolling news reel that features the newest headlines, and this component carries over to the mobile version. The overall design of the website is user-friendly and relevant with everything easily accessible. So, a strong biotech website should be mobile-friendly without losing key components or offering that is less of an experience. There’s no doubt that creativity is key, but content is also vital, and pharma and biotech work is highly technical and medical. But your branding should be creative and engaging. And when designing your biotech website, you must be prepared to get creative. It can be hard to make the shift toward the creative branding process, which is why so many biotech leaders choose to outsource their website design to an experienced creative agency such as Millennium. A niche branding and web design firm will have the background and experience building strong, relevant biotech websites that perform well. If you’re unsure of the first step in a successful website design, contact the professionals at Millennium Agency or visit So thank you for listening in on today’s podcast, strong website design elements for your biotech brand. If you like what you heard today, press like, share, or subscribe. Thank you.