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Case Study
League of NH Craftstmen

Millennium Agency was selected by the League of NH Craftsmen to enhance its marketing impact in the digital space, while boosting the visibility of events.

The Challenge

The New Hampshire League of Craftsmen is an organization that is dedicated to offering art classes, workshops, events, exhibits, and fine crafts for sale throughout New Hampshire with their Fine Craft Galleries. They are working to modernize their brand, and needed to find a way to enhance their marketing impact in the digital space, while boosting the visibility of events in support of NH craftsmen. They were looking to find a marketing firm that was digitally focused and creative, which is how they found Millennium Agency.

The Solution

Millennium Agency crafted and managed a marketing strategy that was rooted in integrated, research-based, digital and traditional marketing methods. Their new marketing strategy included print and digital advertising, local and statewide routine newspapers, television advertising, radio advertising, social media content, and a variety of public relations initiatives. Millennium used strategies that are designed to increase visibility on a large scale, in this case statewide, to boost market presence and modernize their brand.

The Result

The new marketing strategy for the League of NH Craftsmen was successful in terms of improving market awareness and perception, and did so in a modernized, high-value way. They saw an increase in visibility on a statewide level, as well as the overall New England region. Interest in and traffic around their fairs and events were also increased, and there were more new customers than ever before. Likewise, the community of craftsmen within the League have also seen an increase in sales, interest, and traffic when it comes to buying or viewing their work. Millennium Agency’s marketing solution successfully met their goals and exceeded all expectations.

  • Boosted brand visibility
  • Increased event interest and traffic
  • Improved digital presence and engagement

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