Case Study

TrioFox selected Millennium Agency to design, develop and execute a brand strategy for their entire product line

The Challenge

TrioFox helps businesses mobilize their file services. They provide file server mobile enhancement software and services that enhance the remote workforce productivity without compromise. They aim to increase employee’s mobile productivity and keep file servers securely under control.

Their CentreStack product boosts workforce mobility with cloud file sharing and mobile access while retaining security permissions and familiar user experiences from file servers. With Active Directory and permissions inherited, no other solution better unites existing IT infrastructure’s on-premise security with cloud mobility. Their file server mobilization software that boosts your remote workers’ productivity without compromise. After all, “increasing employee mobile productivity” should also mean “keeping your company’s file servers secure”.

The Solution

TrioFox selected Millennium Agency to design, develop and execute a brand strategy for their entire product line which includes features such as secure remote file server access, file server external file sharing, data protection and business continuity, private cloud migration, COF readiness, file service access without a VPN, enhance file server mobility and documentations.

The goal was to design and develop a series of data sheets, case studies, sell sheets, and PowerPoint templates that were dynamic in look-and-feel, powerful in color, and engaging content.
Millennium Agency developed a brand strategy for the collateral materials that elevated the overall brand for TrioFox.

The Result

TrioFox was highly impressed with the new data sheets, case studies, sell sheets, PowerPoint presentations for sales staff, and other collateral materials that helped the sales cycle. The company was able to enjoy increased customer loyalty, and marketing effectiveness by providing comprehensive, highly effective collateral materials. This new design allowed TrioFox to offer new products and services into the marketplace with a strong brand. Since they have a strong brand and loyal customers, it is often easier and less expensive to introduce new products or test them out before they have to further invest in them.

More importantly, with TrioFox’s strong, well-known brand, enhanced their credibility with customers, within their industry, and the marketplace. TrioFox was able to build recognition, loyalty, and competitiveness.

  • Increase brand recognition, resulting in accelerated sales opportunities
  • Increased customer loyalty and engaging content that kept customers coming back
  • Improved overall brand strategy that highlight top selling products

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