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Case study
Global American

Global selected Millennium Agency to improve their overall lead generation strategy and online brand awareness

The Challenge

In 1989, Global American became one of the first Embedded Systems Integrators in the United States. Back then it was called “Industrial” – the idea of Long-Life Embedded computers was unknown. The company started by selling slotted SBCs that supported ISA cards and educating their customers on the benefits of using products that could be kept viable for 5-7 years from inception. Global American leads the industry in technology, custom solutions, and exceptional, personalized service. Rugged Tablets, Fanless PCs, IP65 Rated Panel PCs, Wide Temperature Motherboards.

The Solution

Global American selected Millennium Agency to improve their overall lead generation strategy and online brand awareness. During year one, Millennium Agency launched a digital advertising campaign which included paid search, display advertising, retargeting, and geo-targeting. Focusing on key locations based on the target audience, Millennium Agency drove new traffic to Global using A/B testing and utilizing their unique selling proposition. In addition, Millennium Agency handled content optimization SEO, organic social media, and e-mail marketing.

The Result

Global American generated incredible online results for display, retargeting, geo-targeting, and paid search. With 13 million impressions, 18,000 click through rates, 176 conversions annually, with .97 above industry rates. To further enhance the overall results of the campaign, Global benefited from 306% increase on clicks, 369% increase on impressions, 348% increase on conversions with only an 8% increase on costs.

tablet displaying Global American website homepage

Increase in Impressions


Decrease in average cost


Increase in clicks and interactions


Increase in conversions.

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