Building brand awareness is paramount when it comes to creating sales opportunities. Just like the old saying goes “out of sight, out of mind,” consumers can’t buy your products if they don’t know who you are and what you can do for them. This is where marketing strategies that are designed to build brand awareness come into the picture.

Here are three main strategies that can be used to promote your business and ensure that consumers will not only hear about you but become loyal customers as well.

Content Production

A content strategy is a key factor in spreading brand awareness. Content can come in the form of blogs, articles, emails, and any other form of writing or advertising with informational substance. This blog that you are reading now for instance, is an example of content.

Here are three ways in which content builds brand awareness:

Brand Image: A consistent creation of content will increase the flow of traffic to your website and build your brand image as an industry thought leader, thus demonstrating your prowess in your field.

Search Engine Optimization: Creation of content on a regular basis with commonly searched keywords will enhance your SEO. This heightens the chances that consumers will discover your business through their online searches and thus increases lead generation.

Sharing: If your business creates informational or entertaining content, there is a good chance that readers/viewers will share your content with their peers. In this way, your brand will become more well-known and there will be a higher probability that consumers will return for more content.

Social Media Strategy

In the past, a social media presence used to be optional for businesses. This has changed over time and social media is not only necessary for building brand awareness, but it is also an effective platform for generating leads. A social media strategy can include a variety of different tactics for promoting your brand. The following include just a few proven methods for increasing brand awareness and sales opportunities:

Native advertising: These ads can be used to link to content on your website. By posting short, engaging advertisements, visuals, or links to content, that flow well with social media feeds, brands can spread awareness and increase their web traffic.

Industry News: Just as users share exciting news about their personal lives, brands can share important updates about the on-goings of the company or their field. This is important for spreading awareness and showing that you are committed to being a thought leader in your industry.

Local/Charitable Events: Using social media to discuss events that your business will be attending or sponsoring is a great way to capture the interest of social media users. Posting about your brand’s charitable donations is also an effective way to show that you care about the community.

Public Relations

Public relations is a valuable skill for both managing public opinion and promoting your brand through a variety of different mediums. These are just a few areas in which PR builds brand awareness:

Media Lists: Creating media lists that frequently publish articles and content that align with the values of your target audience is helpful for reaching new customers. Your media lists can be as widespread as you like and based entirely off the budget that you want to contribute.

Featured Articles: Audiences crave new information. Publishing articles on your field and releasing them to the press is an excellent way to be seen as a thought leader and reach new audiences. These are especially effective because readers who enjoy the content will see the author/contributor section and associate your brand with industry expertise.

Messaging and Positioning: While your logo and mission statement are important, press releases provide a strong platform for telling your audience exactly what your brand is all about. Publishing through established news sources allows you to take on a more authoritative role in informing your target market about your brand and business values.

Being a successful brand is all about being well-known by consumers. If your business is the best at what you do and would like to let consumers know through awareness-oriented marketing strategies, contact Linda Fanaras, President/Strategist of Millennium Agency at

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