Search engine optimization, or SEO, is often considered the basis of most digital marketing strategies. Many digital marketing tactics today revolve around enhancing a website’s “searchability” through SEO. This means that their goal is to boost a brand’s ranking on a search engine’s results page and, as a result, increase their flow of web traffic and lead generation.

Here is a basic guide to understanding what SEO is, as well as why and how it should be done:

What is SEO?

As mentioned earlier, SEO is the process of enhancing a website’s standing on a search engine’s results page. Google and other search engines use algorithms to ensure that users obtain the most relevant answers to their inquiries.

In Google’s case, these algorithms are complex, regularly updated, and have many “rules” that websites must follow to ensure that they offer the best possible information. This means that search engine algorithms “reward” sites with superior SEO by giving them a higher spot on a results page and “punish” sites with poor SEO by giving them a lower placement. By knowing and adhering to the rules of SEO, a business’s website can gain a higher rank on a search results page.

Why You Need SEO

Enhanced SEO is beneficial for a variety of reasons. From a consumer perspective, it is much easier for them to click on one of the first links they see, rather than scroll through a vast list of possible answers to their question. This is especially true for mobile searches. A small screen and an on-the-go environment will often lead to a consumer clicking on one of the first options they see on their mobile device.

If your company’s website has a higher rank on a search engine’s results page than your competitor’s, it is much more likely that consumers will click on your link and come to you with their business. This also works in reverse, if your competitor has an advanced marketing strategy, with enhanced SEO, then it is likely that you are losing business to them, even if you provide a superior product or service. This is why it is crucial to ensure your brand’s SEO is at peak efficiency.

How to Enhance SEO

There are many factors that go into improving a site’s SEO, as well as many “rules” surrounding these factors. Considering Google search queries account for more than 65% of all searches, it is advantageous to align your SEO efforts with the rules created by Google’s algorithms.

Here are some of the most prevalent areas for SEO enhancement:

Content: consistent production of content is something that Google and other search engines reward. A regular stream of articles, blogs, and other information shows that your website is up to date with the most current information. Search engines will increase your rank if they think that your website is both current and relevant.

Keywords: One of the most important factors in enhancing searchability is the inclusion of specific keywords that are frequently searched and are relevant to your articles subject. A few things to keep in mind for keyword use include:

  • Finding the right number of keywords for your page is an important factor, too many or too little may cause your page to fall in rank.
  • Ensuring keyword relevancy is also crucial. For example, if you include the right number of keywords in your content but they are not related to the subject matter, algorithms will recognize this and reduce your rank as a result.

Links: The inclusion of links in your content to other webpages is also an important part of SEO. A solid division between links that are inbound (going to pages on your website) and outbound (going to other webpages) is preferable for the best placement on a search results page.

The internet and advances in search engine programming, have revolutionized the way consumers find products and services. If your business is ready for a new marketing strategy with the goal of enhancing your website’s SEO, contact Jessica Chabot, Vice President, Client Services of Millennium Agency at

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