Native advertising. It is truly the future of advertising. For those of you who aren’t familiar with native ads, they are a form of advertising that “blends in” with a webpage environment to create a seamless transition between the page content and sponsored content. Native advertising can come in many different forms online; it can be in the form of a sponsored article or a video link on the side of a webpage promoting similar content to the topic of the page. This type of advertising has seen exponentially increasing popularity in recent years due to the booming internet era and the way it aligns with the interests of many members of the internet community.

Not to be confused with programmatic advertising, native advertising has seen some immensely successful campaigns in the past few years. Millennium would like to share with you some of the native ad trends that seem to work better than others. Here are four ways your business can gain the best visibility with your native ads:

Provide Entertainment

Catching the attention of potential customers with your native ads is important. Providing entertainment for consumers creates a positive experience for them and, as a result, they are more likely to associate your business with that positivity. Just because the content is sponsored doesn’t mean that it can’t have elements of excitement or intrigue. Tell a story or maybe provide a list of interesting and unusual facts. Creating unique content that contains captivating entertainment is a large part of getting through to your audience.

Know your Customers’ Interests

Knowing your customers and what they are interested in is an important factor when it comes to native ads. If you are publishing a native ad in the form of an article, be sure that the article’s subject is pertinent to the interests of your customer base. Market research is key here, learning about your customers’ values will truly help in the creation of content that hits home with them and builds your brand with your customer-base.

Be Relevant to the Page

Relevance to the page that your ad is located on is important. For example, if your ad is linked to a webpage that provides easy-to-make holiday recipes, then your ad should relate to either the holiday or to home cooking in some way. Doing this creates seamlessness which is the foundation of successful native ads. Relevance to the page is also important in capturing the reader’s attention. If a person is interested in the page your ad is linked to, it is likely they will be interested in your ad as well if it contains a similar subject.

Be Straightforward

Let your readers know that they are reading an advertisement. Transparency is an important trend these days and, more often than not, consumers appreciate businesses that are direct in their advertising methods. This layer of honesty can really help your business connect with your customers. An advertisement that shoots straight with a consumer and also provides interesting/useful content has the best chance of getting through to potential customers.

Native advertising is a field that will only continue to grow. Each year, much like the internet as a whole, native ads are changing in order to enhance the user experience. If native advertising is something that you are interested in for your business, contact Jessica Chabot, Vice President, Client Services of Millennium Agency at

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