We’ve all seen videos being shared on social media to promote certain businesses. In fact, it’s almost more common to see videos on social media than any other form of post these days. But it doesn’t end there; many websites also feature videos on their landing pages to give visitors a better idea of who they are. This trend is referred to as visualization, and it isn’t unintentional. Businesses are learning that people respond well to and are more engaged by videos.

Visualization in the marketing world refers to a trend in which videos help a consumer “visualize” their lives if they were to buy your product or utilize your services. Videos tell a story to your customers, heightening the likelihood that they will take action. This action could be a purchase, or it could be something simpler such as “liking” or sharing the video with their peers. If your website doesn’t include many videos or if your social media efforts don’t include elements of visualization, here is why you should take steps to change this:

Tell Your Story

Watching a video captivates an audience in a way that images and content don’t. Whether it’s be a movie, a television show, or even a short clip, people identify with videos and form a connection with the characters and events. Creating a story for your business encourages this connection for consumers. After all, what better way to show a potential customer your value to them than by creating a visual story outlining your business model or demonstrating relatability to their needs. By including video in your website, you are telling a story that encourages viewers to form a positive impression of who you are as a business, visualize how their life would/could be better if they were to utilize your business, and tell their friends about you.

Build Your Social Media Presence

When done right, a successful story encourages the viewer to share the video with their friends, which in turn promotes your brand. Brand awareness through social media is an invaluable thing to have these days. Most consumers will choose to purchase a service or product from a familiar source as opposed to an unknown one. Social media works as a great medium for sharing videos because of its casual nature. A video being shared by a friend is far more welcoming than an obtrusive commercial, therefore the chances of connecting with users and building familiarity with them are better. Social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram have been increasingly incorporating video elements into their platforms because they know that users form a deeper attachment to engaging videos.

Experience a Higher Click-Through-Rate

As stated before, visualization encourages customers to form an immersive connection with your business, even if just for a brief moment. When a person envisions what their life could be like with your product or service, they are no longer arbitrarily comparing numbers and slogans, they can see first hand what will happen if they choose your business. Once a customer has this connection, it is far more likely that they will click on your call to action to learn more. A more enticing visual element encourages a higher CTR (or click-through-rate), and a higher CTR can increase lead generation.

Visualization in marketing is becoming more and more important each year. Social media sites and apps have been catching on to this trend and are supporting more visual elements into their platforms. If you feel that your business could benefit from a better visualization strategy, then contact Linda Fanaras, President/Strategist of Millennium Agency www.mill.agency.

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