Native advertising strategies have become a crucial part of promoting any business, regardless of the industry. For those who are not familiar with native ads, they are a form of advertising that are seamlessly embedded into other websites.

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While many businesses promote through other web-based content and ad space, it is important to know that social media sites are effective platforms for native ads.

Here are three tips on how to successfully create native advertisements for social media platforms.

1.) Retarget

Providing content that is tailored to your target market based on their interests is an effective way to advertise your business. If a consumer has filled out a form on your site or perhaps purchased a product from you in the past, placing ads on their social platforms featuring new and related products based on their previous actions will grab their attention.

Many consumers may search for a product and then become distracted. A retargeted native ad that pops up on their social media feed will serve as a helpful reminder and enhance conversion rates for your business.

2.) Tell a Story

Storytelling is an important part of both native advertising strategies and social media. People often go to social sites for entertainment which is why traditional promotional content may not be as successful as one that tells a story and provides the entertainment the user is looking for.

The story itself is entirely up to you. For example, if your business donates to a charity, tell a story about how that money has helped that particular group. Shifting the focus away from your particular brand, product, or service and focusing on the values of your target audience is an important part of your native advertising strategies. This doesn’t mean that you have to hide the fact that you are advertising, just that you should be relevant to the social site you are placing your ad on.

3.) Play to the Strengths of the Social Platform

Every app is different. Knowing exactly what social sites your target audience is going to spend most of their time on, as well as which areas, is important. Graphics and video content are also a strong factor for this section.

As mentioned before, consumers seek to be entertained on social sites which is why including enticing visual imagery and engaging video content often see success for native advertising strategies. Many social sites, especially Facebook and Instagram, provide a perfect setting for this type of content. Even LinkedIn, while not a strong video platform, is an ideal platform for engaging graphics. Knowing popular social platforms and how to properly present your business through them is an important part of native advertising.

Native advertising is the future of online brand promotion. Consumers are more willing to view native ads than standard ones, which in turn enhances conversion rates and sales opportunities. If your business is ready to experience the advantages of a new social media advertising strategy, contact Jessica Chabot, Vice President, Client Services of Millennium Agency at

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