Video content is not new. It’s been around for decades. Now, thanks to technology advancements, we can create videos that are far more engaging than those created even just five years ago. Today’s viewers prefer the visual storytelling format, and it is proving effective at forging impactful business connections. With its low input and high return, it is safe to say that video content is here to stay.

According to statistics, 87% of digital marketers use video content, and 51% say that it’s the most powerful tool for generating ROI. It is clear that telling your brand’s story through visual content promotes brand recognition, connection, and customer engagement.

A reputed digital marketing firm like Millennium Agency, located in Boston and Manchester, NH, can help your business design a successful video production strategy to add dynamism to your brand! Let’s take a look at how video content can connect viewers with your company’s story and your overall brand.

Video > Text

Pairing video content with your company’s creative skills can help establish your brand identity.

The efficacy of videos over other SEO tools such as written content is undeniable. A video and text ad were compared side by side in a survey, revealing 480% more clicks on video than just text. What’s more, every click proved almost 500% cheaper. With increased engagement, visual cues such as your brand logo, color scheme, and style won’t be forgotten.

Media Moves Mountains

To meet the community’s growing demands for visual stimuli, video content adds movement and life to your brand. Brand stories are not just about products and services. They are about the people who make up the company and how they interact with customers. The brand story is the narrative that tells the story of the company and its people. Allow viewers to see and hear the faces and voices of the people behind your brand. This will help them make the right associations and develop a stronger emotional connection. In this way, visual media allows your brand story to jump off the page and evolve into a more impactful, three-dimensional tale.

Working with a digital marketing consultant to create powerful and emotion-driven visual stories can help achieve a retention rate of 95%. Consider hiring a professional to oversee your video production campaign for maximum results.

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