Tell your company’s story and turn your audience into customers
with our personalized video production services

You work hard every day to give your customers the best – allow us to show off your efforts through video production to the largest crowd possible. We have the capability and the creativity to capture your company’s mission, history, and future in the video format that’s right for you. We will shepherd the project every step of the way – from concept and scripting through production to final delivery.

But we don’t stop working when the video is done. Video advertising is more engaging, memorable, and can communicate a brand’s message more clearly than written content alone. That’s why we manage all paid video promotions on the platforms your clients use the most: YouTube, the Google display network, and good old-fashioned TV.


In this media-saturated world, you often only have 30 seconds to convince a potential customer to convert. With a professional commercial you can do just that on more platforms than ever before. We still believe in the power of TV air-time, but the internet has opened a whole new world of video advertising with precise geographic and demographic targeting tools that we can help you use to optimize your exposure and conversion rates.

Millennium Agency will script, storyboard and video shoot your television commercial and you will love it.

Explainer Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine the power that video has when it comes to communicating your products and services to potential clients. Grab their attention and communicate the ways your company can solve problems with engaging explainer or corporate videos. This is a great way to show off a new product, talk about your existing products, or make an announcement. Have you noticed more people enjoy video over reading?

Need to explain your company’s products or services, then let us recommend an explainer video.


Educate your consumer or buyer and they will reward you with their on-going loyalty. We produce high-quality video tutorials to build you an audience of DIY enthusiasts, future chefs, arts and craft aficionados, or whoever your customers follow. From basic auto-repair to an in-depth look at how our clients manufacture their products, the Millennium Agency team is prepared to make you the star and strengthen your brand. Let them see you as a knowledgeable source in your industry.

Educating customers with a training tutorial series builds long-term loyalty.

Recruiting Videos

Let’s face it – we all need a great team to do our best work. But finding the right person isn’t always easy. Why don’t you help them find you by capturing what it is that makes your company so great in video-form. Show the great work culture, how you embrace employees, and your unique personalities – it’s a great way to communicate to potential new hires why your company is the right place for them.

Do you need more employees? Then consider a recruiting video backed by a recruitment campaign; we’ll help you increase your talent fast.

Corporate Video

Show off your history with a one-of-a-kind company biography video to give your customers a snapshot of your exclusive background. These videos can make a truly memorable first impression when a customer is looking to do business with a personable company. Display them on your website or share them on social media and allow your history to pave the way to a brighter future.

Want to show off the credentials of your company or deliver an important message? Then consider a corporate video.

Video Blogs

Give the audience a sneak peek behind the curtain and show them the inner-workings of how their favorite products are made, and all the love and hard work that goes into your services. Video blogs are an excellent way to share your personality, build an audience, and become your customers’ most trusted brand-name. Why not take your story big time, you’ll be glad you did!

Video blogs are the new content blog. You can grab someone’s attention through visual and audio using a compelling video blog series, ask us how.

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