The world of marketing is in a constant state of change. New digital marketing trends are always emerging as innovative ways to reach consumers are pioneered. 2018 brings around many new technologies and the associated strategies for reaching customers that go with them.

Here are five new digital marketing trends that are predicted to grow in 2018:

Live Social Content

Live content through social media platforms is a trend that showed tremendous growth over the course of 2017. Many brands have jumped on this bandwagon by using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to live stream events. One of the benefits offered by live streaming is that it capitalizes on the popular trend of visual web elements and attracts far larger levels of viewership than normal video posts, making it a great medium for promotional messages. With more and more users tuning in to view live social media content, this is a trend that will only continue to grow for this year.

Interactive Content

While some may think that email marketing is one of the marketing strategies that are on the decline, this is actually not the case. What is changing is that sending out personalized, engaging, and interactive content is taking over. This is because interactivity offers a far more compelling and engaging experience. A strong content strategy is key to increasing web-based sales which makes interactive emails a solid forerunner for new trends. Surveys, videos, GIFs, menus, and real-time marketing are just a few examples of email elements that saw success in 2017 and will continue to do so this year.

Honesty/Transparency in Advertising

Many of us have seen commercials in 2018 and may have noticed that several different brands take it upon themselves to break the fourth wall and point out that they are selling a product. This form of honesty and transparency (and occasionally, a bit of humor) has been incredibly well received by audiences. This form of advertising serves as an example of how marketers are realizing that audiences crave transparency. This trend will only continue to grow in all facets of marketing for 2018 as brands acknowledge their audience’s awareness that they are viewing an advertisement.

Voice Search and AI

Voice search and AI devices have been a rapidly growing phenomenon over the past few years. Voice controlled personal assistants are currently available through smartphones, speakers, TVs, and are even possibly paving the way to a larger, smart house-esque, future.

We predict that the integration of marketing strategies into these devices will be a growing trend in 2018. Given that these devices are such a new frontier, it is hard to say exactly how marketing efforts will tackle them, but it is certain that micro-moments will play heavily into new strategies.

Virtual & Augmented Reality Marketing

Virtual and augmented reality are two new technologies that are experiencing positive reception by audiences as well as progressively increasing sales. With such an immersive platform, it is guaranteed that marketing strategies will be capitalizing on the interactive capabilities offered by this exciting new technology. We believe that 2018 will be the year that marketing efforts will start to find their footing when it comes to reaching consumers through these mediums.

New marketing strategies are key when it comes to staying ahead of the curve and maintaining a competitive edge. If your business could benefit from new and exciting methods of reaching your target audience, contact Linda Fanaras, President/Strategist of Millennium Agency

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