Every industry is in a constant state of change, as new and more efficient methods of providing products and services are developed, old methods are phased out. The field of marketing is no exception, in fact it is one of the fastest industries to adopt new campaign methods.

Here are four marketing campaigns that are losing their ability to effectively target consumers.

Non-Personalized Content and Emails

Personalization is becoming a marketing must. Market research has shown that many consumers will overlook or skim past emails that are not specific to them, even if they feature a product or service that would be useful to them. Hello User is just simply not as enticing as Hello Jane Doe.

Targeted emails and ads that feature information relevant to a consumer’s values are slowly usurping the throne that non-personalized content used to hold. With so many ways to gather information on your target audience, personalized content is both an easy and efficient method for getting through to customers.

Purely Textual Advertisements and Emails

People crave excitement in their media. Plain text just doesn’t have the same effect in marketing campaigns that it used to, unless done very strategically.

Advertisements that are finding the most success are ones that feature visual elements such as pictures or videos. Using quality imagery helps your target market visualize your business model far more vividly than if they only had a few words or sentences to go off of.

Excessive Content in Advertisements

With so many forms of media vying for their attention, consumers don’t have time to take in and digest extensive content like they used to. Emails that feature multiple paragraphs or advertisements that feature excessive content and visuals are often too much for a passing glance to take in.

Content that is concise and to the point is the most effective when it comes to consumer action. The goal of an internet advertisement is purely to encourage a user to click on the link to learn more. These short and provoking messages can then link to content that features more substance. Once they have already clicked to learn more, it is much more likely that a user will be willing to read what you have to say in depth.

Websites and Social Media Without Updated Content

A good website and a solid social media outreach are the cornerstone to a successful internet presence for a business but, just like watering plants, it is important to constantly maintain these mediums. If your platforms have not been updated with new and interesting content, it is likely that you are missing out on traffic that could lead to sales.

Websites that experience the most success when it comes to consumer visits and sales are ones that frequently update both their business’ webpages and social media. Updated, interesting content about your business and industry keeps your brand relevant in the eyes of a user, meaning they will be much more likely to come to you when they need the product or service you offer.

When it comes to marketing, the classic saying “out with the old, in with the new,” really is true. Keeping your campaign efforts current is paramount to your marketing success. If you feel that a new marketing strategy could be advantageous for your business, contact Linda Fanaras, President/Strategist of Millennium Agency www.mill.agency.

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