These days, it is essential for every business to have at least one social media page, no matter how big or how small their operation is. While most businesses have social media, many businesses do not realize the importance of updating their social pages by consistently creating posts.

If you already have social media outreach efforts in place or are just starting up social media accounts for your business, here are a few tips that will enhance your efforts to grow your following:

Develop a Schedule

Organization is key when it comes to social media outreach. Posting too frequently may be overwhelming for your followers but not posting enough can also lose their attention. Depending on your industry, you will want to find a “sweet spot” for posting frequency based on how often you feel your followers will maintain interest.

A schedule will also be beneficial for brand consistency, a barrage of posts one month and then social media silence the next month is not a good method for reaching followers. When consumers see a steady flow of consistent posts to your social media pages, they will associate your brand with consistency.

Know Your Target Market

Knowing who you are speaking too will keep your posts focused. When you offer a specialized product or service, trying to reach every possible demographic can create either an image that is too generalized or contradictory, so it is best to focus on your specific audience. Knowing the values of your customer base is critical here, so it is necessary to conduct market research on the people who frequently buy from your business as well as your competitors.

Keep it Simple

Posting to every possible social media platform is difficult when it comes to streamlining posts. Some platforms have character counts while others don’t, and some platforms can only be used on a mobile device, such as Instagram. It is best to start with social media platforms that speak to your target audience. For example, if you are trying to reach women ages 35-55, Facebook may be a good choice.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with having an account on every possible social media platform, in fact it is helpful for reaching more people. The difficult part is maintaining consistency and keeping up with all of these accounts to provide your followers with a quality brand experience. A good way to handle consistently posting to multiple platforms is by outsourcing your social media outreach so that you can focus on the key elements of running your business.

Create Content

Blogs and articles that are published to your website and promoted through social media are a very necessary part of driving traffic to your website. Creating content based on customer values is useful for showing that you are in touch with your followers. Another benefit of creating content on your website is that you will be viewed as a thought leader in your industry, promoting your knowledgeability and reliability.

Diversify Your Posts

It is important not to post about just one thing. If your social media posts are all very similar, your followers will lose interest. It is useful to post about an array of subjects as well as feature a variety of different posts. A few examples of different types of post include:

  • Posts linking to articles about your industry
  • Posts that promote the different services or products you provide
  • Posts that link to your content

By featuring an assortment of different posts, you will maintain the interest of your followers

Listen to Your Followers

Implementing a new social media strategy involves taking time to smooth out the kinks. Understanding what your customers are saying about your business and industry is a part of this process. Be sure to listen to the comments of your followers. Remember, one of the primary reasons for having social media outreach is to show that you are in touch with your customer-base.

Social media for businesses is becoming more and more of a necessity to maintain a competitive edge in any industry. Consumers, now more than ever, are turning to social media to locate businesses suited to their needs. If a new social media strategy is something that you feel could benefit your business, contact Jessica Chabot, Vice President, Client Services of Millennium Agency at

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