Branding for technology start-ups can be tedious and tough to navigate, especially when starting from the ground up. Whether you are trying to make space in an already existing market with clear competitors or are breaking out into unaddressed “white space” where you are the only solution, strong technology branding will make or break your success. There is no cut-and-paste template to follow to achieve successful technology branding, but there are several steps you can take to boost your chances of brand growth. 

Carve Out Core Values 

Identifying your core values and integrating them into your technology branding are two different things. You can have your core values displayed and not include them in your everyday interactions and operations. This, however, will result in an unauthentic and unsuccessful brand. Carving out enough space for your core values will help secure a place at the top when branding for your technology start-up. What inspired your brand? What is important to you? What need do you solve? These are a few questions to start with. Perhaps you are inspired by customers’ need for faster computer software; your brand is innovative and efficient. Take the time to identify your technology brand values, and think creatively to determine how you can translate that into core values your customers will identify with. 

Core values do so much more than communicate who your technology brand is to your customers, they also serve as the foundation to build your brand upon. Your messaging, the look and feel of your brand should all reflect your core values. Your communications, both internal and external, should have a hint of your core values within them. If you establish your technology brand as a problem-solver, you should be prepared to deliver on that promise at every stage of the customer experience. As a tech start-up, you do not have the luxury of a loyal customer base and industry authority, so your technology brand must be consistent, authentic, and always tie back to your core values. 

Tell Your Story with a Logo 

Your brand is your story, and as a start-up you have the chance to tell your own story in your own words. With technology branding, all good stories are authentic and straightforward. Many tech customers are not looking for a fluffy, feel-good story but rather one of innovation and modernity. Tech customers are looking for the best option for the best price, while getting the fastest features. In an industry where alternate reality and holograms are possible, your technology brand needs to be able to tell your story boldly. Every element that goes into your brand comes together to tell a story. You start with your core values and build outward to create a cohesive and distinct brand.  

Your logo is so much more than a symbol; logos illustrate your brand in one signature design. Everything from the colors you choose to the art style will give your customers, competitors, and stakeholders a different impression. Many start-ups use focus groups to trial run different logos and gather thoughts and opinions on several different design options. Your logo is going to be on the forefront of almost everything you do, make sure it reflects your technology firm authentically. Having an authentic logo will create familiarity over time, and the more engaging and visually appealing it is, the faster your market will catch on. 

Utilize the Web 

In today’s day and age if your technology brand does not have a website, you are going to fail. Plain and simple. As a tech start-up, you must have a responsive, easy-to-navigate website that is also mobile-friendly. You likely do not have the data to narrow down exactly where and how your customers access your business and related information, which is why you need a strong website to drive customers to. Over time, your website will gather data that you can analyze to determine what optimization efforts are needed. Technology branding is all about modernity and ease of use, and your website reflects how successful your start-up will be at meeting these needs.  

Optimizing your website will ensure you receive as much visibility as possible. Ideally, you will be running advertisements and organic social media to drive traffic towards your website, but you can also utilize search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to gain even more visibility. SEO allows you to utilize popular keywords and search terms within your content to increase your chances of appearing at the top of customers searches. Once you have gotten their attention on your website, you need to have the content and information to keep them browsing, hopefully turning them into a lead. Publishing content such as blogs and news releases that have to do with your start-up and your industry can engage viewers and keep them on your website. Eventually, you can push them to sign up with you or make a purchase. If your website is successful, you should get them to commit to an action. If your website falls short, you will likely have a lot of visitors that only stay on your site for a moment or two before exiting without making a purchase or giving contact information. 

You Don’t Have to Start Alone 

Branding for technology start-ups can seem daunting, but it could be in your brand’s best interest to hire a professional branding firm to oversee your efforts. Starting off on the wrong foot could do far more harm than good and has the potential to tank your business in its first few years. An experienced branding firm such as Millennium Agency will have the background in niche technology branding to ensure your start-up sees success in its first few years, and beyond. Finding the right branding firm can be just as intimidating as conducting your technology branding on your own, but taking the time to meet with branding teams and ask the essential questions will help you gain a clear picture of what type of firm you want. You have to start your technology branding somewhere, make sure you start off right. 

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