Corporate messaging is the foundation of your entire brand. It communicates your core values and mission to your employees, stakeholders, and customers so that they can better understand your brand and support it. To be effective, your corporate messaging should tell a story that is cohesive and authentic. 

What Does a Cohesive Message Look Like? 

Cohesive corporate messaging will be consistent across all platforms and communications. Every time you tell your brand’s story it will be the same no matter who is telling it. This is incredibly valuable when it comes to gaining your employees’, stakeholders’, and customers’ trust. Cohesive corporate messaging gives all interested parties the impression that you are organized, well-established, and ready to do business. Effective corporate messaging must be cohesive, otherwise you run the risk of losing engagement and interest before you can gain that new employee, new stakeholder, or new customer.  

Corporate messaging that lacks consistency will ultimately fall short and not resonate with the correct audience at the correct time. After all, research has shown that cohesive corporate messaging can increase revenue by 33%. The best way to ensure your messaging is cohesive is to look at the data. Data analytics can show you what webpages customers are most interested in, where they tend to drop off or leave your website, how many social media engagements you receive, and more. Utilizing data analytics in your corporate messaging process will help you ensure you are consistently communicating the core mission and values of your brand using key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs can help you identify what is working and what is not, so that you can make productive decisions when it comes to your corporate messaging. 

Conveying Authenticity 

Having authentic corporate messaging is just as important as consistency. According to a survey conducted, 88% of consumers stated that authenticity was important in deciding what brands to support.  Instead of fluffing your messaging up with inconsistent, yet positive, filler statements here and there, authentic corporate messaging sticks to one story and tells it well. As with consistency, data analytics can help you shape your corporate messaging authentically. Using the data from customer surveys and feedback can give you an idea of how your customers view you. Similarly, you can utilize employee feedback forms to glean input from your employees and even stakeholders.  

Effective corporate messaging gives the impression that you are not just a big name behind briefcases and numbers, but rather an actual person or group of people who make decisions with the people who work for, buy from, and invest in them. Identify what your customers, employees, and stakeholders prioritize and value, and then translate that information to your own brand and what you have to offer. 

Have Straightforward Messaging 

As with the rest of your branding and marketing, your corporate messaging should be simple enough for all customers, employees, and stakeholders to understand, while still speaking with authority. If you maintain a casual, friendly relationship with your clients, then your corporate messaging should reflect that. The same goes for those who are professional and straight-forward, and so on and so forth. Your corporate messaging should speak directly to who you want to engage with. After all, marketing is all about hitting the right audience with the right message in the right way. If your corporate messaging is not straightforward it will not be effective at engaging and retaining customers, employees, or stakeholders. 

Addressing Pain Points 

Effective corporate messaging addresses pain points rather than ignoring them. Get to know what your customers struggle with and highlight just how beneficial your products or services are for solving that problem. Addressing pain points through your corporate messaging will add value to your brand as well by giving your audience the answer they want without having to search for it, boosting their engagement and trust in your brand. 

Strong corporate messaging can also allow you to identify new markets to break into as well, giving you the competitive advantage over other brands who are less in tune with their customers, employees, and stakeholders. This can be valuable when it comes to positioning yourself at the top of your industry. All customers want their problem solved in the best, cheapest, and quickest way, but many will end up settling for only two of those options – it all depends on how well you solve their pain points. Whether you know exactly what white space you want to occupy or are looking for a way to break out, having effective corporate messaging will help you get there easier. If you do not have the ability to expand your brand, it is likely that your corporate messaging is ineffective. 

Evaluate Yourself  

The greatest asset when it comes to effective corporate messaging is being able to self-evaluate and self-correct. Data analytics can help you gain the biggest insight into the current condition and status of your brand. It allows you to see how successful your brand is at being consistent, authentic, easy to understand, and beneficial to the industry. Utilizing data analytics when self-evaluating will enable you to make effective decisions while growing your brand. If you have not undergone a self-evaluation or are unsure where to start, connecting with a branding firm like Millennium Agency can help you get on the right track – and stay there. A branding professional has the knowledge and background to build effective corporate messaging that authentically communicates your brands’ values and mission. 

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