Introducing an updated brand or a launching a brand refresh is a common strategy to strengthen your company’s image and presence. A lot of successful companies have rebranded throughout the years for many reasons, including that their brand has evolved beyond its previous identity and is ready for new look and feel. Whether your company is introducing a completely new look, making a few updates to its logo, or creating a completely new brand from a merger or acquisition, you should have a process in place for a successful rollout. Follow the steps below to ensure a seamlessly executed and successful launch.

Step 1: Develop Your Story

Why does your company need to rebrand? It is because of a merger or spinoff? Does your company need to compete with a different, or larger, market? Or is it driven by modernization and/or simplification? Whatever the reason that led your company to rebrand, be sure to have a clear backstory that you can share with employees and customers about why your business chose to reinvent itself. People feel like they are a part of something when they hear the rationale behind decisions.

Step 2: Involve Employees

Involve your team with the rebranding process from the very beginning. Ask employees for their input and gather ideas as you create your new logo and messaging. Continue to keep your employees in the loop as you narrow down your options. By making employees feel like they are an important part of the rebranding process, you are letting them know they are valuable to your company and that their ideas are worthwhile.

Step 3: Schedule and Prepare

Create a timeline of the rebranding process and the launch dates using a simple spreadsheet or project management software. A timeline will keep everyone on track and will help you determine when specific audiences, such as employees and important clients, should be informed of the rebrand. In addition to determining dates, you will also need to plan for how your clients, customers, and the general public will be informed. Will you make an announcement on social media? Write a press release? Create a video for widespread distribution? Be sure to have a plan in place to generate buzz about your digital rebrand and inform all relevant stakeholders.

Step 4: Prepare Collateral

A common mistake in the rebranding process is forgetting to update key collateral and/or keeping old brand materials in circulation long after the rebrand launch. To prevent this from happening, make a list of all materials—digital and print—with your old logo and make it a priority to have everything updated before your launch date. Use our list to get started:

  • Physical signage (such as posters, displays, door adhesives, signs)
  • Letterhead and e-letterhead
  • Envelopes, notecards, labels, folders, and other stationary
  • Business cards, manuals, and reports
  • Merchandise, sales materials, and marketing collateral
  • Newsletters, e-newsletters, flyers, brochures, catalogs, and calendars
  • Email signatures
  • Website
  • Social media profiles (including profile pictures and header/cover images)
  • LinkedIn profiles for current employees
  • Online directories and online advertisements
  • Forums and message boards related to your business

Step 5: Create Momentum

Before the big launch day, let some of your loyal customers and followers in on the rebrand with email teasers or social media posts. Don’t reveal everything, just let them know that a changeover is happening soon to garner interest. You might add a “coming soon” page to your website or a countdown to your launch date to build excitement.

Step 6: Make a Splash

On the official rebrand launch day, it’s all about making a big impression. Cover as many outlets and avenues as possible. Send out a press release and post your blog on your updated website. Run a few digital and print advertisements. Create a video to share on social media—or better yet—have your CEO live stream the official launch to pique the interest of news media and the press. Saturate your audience with images of your new logo on your social media channels.

Working with a marketing and branding agency will help you create a new brand that you are confident about. The experienced branding and PR professionals at Millennium Agency can help you create a high-impact design with a strong brand identity to attract prospects, tell your story, and ultimately build brand awareness and market share. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you refresh your brand or design a completely new look.

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