Creating a strong marketing strategy can make or break your brand. It’s often difficult to distinguish if a marketing trend that worked last year will be a flash in the pan or continue to rise in popularity. We wanted to note five marketing trends that will shape how brands advertise in 2020.

Voice Search

Voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo continue to boom in popularity and accumulate in living rooms across the globe. Marketers looking to get ahead must recognize the growing popularity in voice search. 55% of homeowners are expected to own a smart speaker that’s able to draft to-do lists and order products on demand. These devices are gaining traction with early and late majority consumers as well (34% of consumers are thinking about purchasing one).

People are happy with their digital assistants – over 93% of people. The same trend goes for other technologies, with 71% of wearable device owners (think FitBit, Apple Watch) plan to conduct more voice searches in the future. All of these combined show that half of digital consumers worldwide could be engaging with voice assistants in the future – making shopping easier than ever.

Conversational Marketing

Instant gratification from brands is more important than ever. We’ve seen the rise of chatbots and live chat in Facebook marketing but also on other websites as well. Actually, 36% of companies use live chat for marketing, sales, or other customer service needs. It’s better at engaging with customers in real time as well as generally being faster, giving consumers the instant answers they want and need.

Chat is continuing to be an effective way for marketers to communicate (87% of worldwide smartphone owners use messaging apps). Not only that, but it’s also becoming a popular way to begin consumer relationships. During a global survey, 40% of people said chat was how they first started shopping online. What’s more? 65% of people from that survey said they were more likely to shop from a business they can contact via chat.

Diversity in Marketing

While this trend isn’t new, diversity marketing continues to be a key part in many marketing plans. One of the biggest reasons is that their market is changing. In fact, the US Census shows that 50% of America’s population will be composed of minority groups by 2024. It makes sense that brands want their advertisements to look like their market.

It’s crucial that brands understand this impact as well. Successful campaigns have the impact to not only sell but can change people’s mindsets after a purchase.

Digital Detox

Social media’s popularity is rising, but so is cell phone addiction. Originally, 2.82 billion users were projected to be using social media in 2019. Now, it turns out, that number is much higher – by almost a billion. It’s shown to be a popular tool for marketers and influencers, but 18% of adults cite technology as a significant source of stress. Even big companies like Apple are pushing limits on screen time, with new updates to iOS systems.

65% of Americans surveyed believe that a digital detox is needed in their life, but the follow through is not as strong – only 28% have done so.

Interactive Content

So, people are putting down their phones more and more? There are still creative ways to get consumers to pay attention. An average person’s attention span is getting shorter, but interactive content, like video or a survey, are becoming one of the most popular ways to combat it. 91% of consumers now prefer visual and interactive content as opposed to plain text.

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