Chatbots are everywhere. They’ve worked their way into retail, customer service, airlines, healthcare, banking and finance — there’s even one on the Millennium website. Now it’s time for them to work their way into your business. Chatbots are a helpful tool that will improve business operations and customer satisfaction.

Here are some ways they can help businesses run more smoothly.

Get FAQ’s Answered

We see it time and time again, the same questions asked over and over, jamming the phone lines and interrupting the work flow. But what if there was a more efficient way to deal with the FAQ’s that plague every company? Well there is! Chatbots provide a channel to answer the burning questions that every customer and client seems to have. With the ability to respond to hundreds of inquiries at the same time, chatbots eliminate the hassle a company’s employees may experience on a daily basis.

Create an Interactive Experience

Customer engagement is an important piece of the puzzle to running an effective company website and reducing user bounce rates. Chatbots help engage customers by connecting them with someone, or in this case, something, that will instantaneously answer their questions so they can continue roaming about the website. Studies have shown that by incorporating chatbots, younger consumers like Generation Z and Millennials will be less likely to leave your site as their attention spans grow increasingly taxed. Adding an interactive feature to your site will only lead to a more engaging user experience for any target audience.

Act as a Personal Assistant

Chatbots can also become a customer’s personal assistant as they journey through your company’s website. Capable of providing recommendations based a consumer’s search history or previous communication, they are designed to cater to the customer’s requests during open and close.

The future of chatbots is bright and shining. As they continue to lower costs for companies and provide 24/7 aide to customers that regular employees are unable to offer, it’s clear that chatbots are emerging as a major voice in satisfying customer needs. If you are interested in learning more about how chatbots can help with customer engagement, contact Jessica Chabot, Vice President, Client Services at Millennium Agency at