In the world of marketing, it is very common to hear about millennials and the strategies used to effectively resonate with them, but not much is said about Generation Z. While marketing to millennials and previous generations is still important for any business, one should keep in mind that early members of generation Z are beginning to become adults. With this newfound adulthood comes consumerism and spending habits.

It is still early to tell how adult Gen Z-ers will react to marketing strategies in ten years or so (or what strategies will be available in that time), but it is very possible that their current consumerism trends will lay the groundwork for the future. Any business that sells youth products will find these trends helpful and any business that currently markets to prior generations may want to learn these trends now to maintain a competitive edge in the coming years.

Here are a few marketing trends that have been observed for Generation Z in relation to their online engagement and purchasing habits:

Mobile Applications and Presence

As the first generation to have grown up in a time when mobile devices are so commonplace, members of Generation Z are savvy smartphone users. Mastering micro-moments and having a strong overall mobile presence will be an important part of Gen Z marketing in the future.

Web Design with Modern Appeal

Having an up to date website with a modern feel to it is much more engaging to younger audiences. If a website is too cumbersome to use, Gen Z-ers (who have the shortest attention span yet) may jump straight to the next link in their web search. An enticing web design is an effective way to attract younger audiences, who are much more visually inclined than previous generations.

Social Media Presence

When they are online, much of Generation Z spends their time on social media. Seeing as they don’t do as much online shopping as millennials, maintaining presence to Gen Z involves having a strong social presence. Native ads are an excellent example of a successful way to market products to younger consumers through social media.

Individualism and Personalized Content

Much of this new generation has been observed to engage much more with content that focuses on their individualism. This means that members of Gen Z often prefer personalized content that is tailored to their specific interests.


Generation Z often don’t respond to flashy sales techniques like previous generations do. With so much information at their disposal, Gen Z-ers do their research which is why it is important for businesses to be as straightforward with them as possible. This is also important from an attention standpoint. As mentioned before, this new generation has the shortest attention span yet when it comes to advertisements. This is why getting right to the point is crucial for younger audiences.

Every audience has specific marketing techniques that are most effective at getting through to them and Generation Z is no different. If your business sells youth products or you would like to begin gearing up for future adult consumerism trends, contact Jessica Chabot, Vice President, Client Services of Millennium Agency at

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