Customers expect a tech company that’s responsive, and there’s no better way to interact with your customer base than knowing how to leverage social media. Tech companies have successfully used social media to increase brand awareness, make public announcements, and run customer support.


The most basic use of social media by companies of all industries is for branding. It’s estimated that 97% of Fortune 500 companies rely on it. Using social media, you can firmly establish your brand’s voice while promoting your products or services. By projecting an attitude your customers can relate to, you can build brand recognition and loyalty.

It requires a mix of content production skills from copywriting to graphic design to video production. Due to the multimedia nature of social media, it’s not uncommon for professionally managed accounts to have more than one person working on them.

Speaking in a unified voice across all your media is important for making your brand seem coherent. It makes sense to have a style guide or protocols to establish how to produce content that will help you leverage social media.

Public Relations 

Social media is also a great tool to establish who your brand is. You can clearly state your company’s values by promoting events with community partners, posting press releases, and interacting with other users and brands.

There are lots of ways to project your company’s core values with social media. Did your business participate in a charity event? Post the photos. Providing an exciting new service for your customers? Go on a rant about it. Feel the need to comment on the issues of the day? You get the idea.

Some tech companies have even opted to take it to a new level before or instead of putting out a formal press release on their website. It encourages commenting, which can mean positive reinforcement from brand loyalists or negative commentary by detractors.

Customer Support 

Another avenue tech companies have explored is handling customer support through social media. While some companies have used it as simply a first contact point for support, others have moved their entire support operations to social media.

With many social media sites supporting threaded comments and direct messages, it is a perfect venue for customer support. Some companies find running support tips because the architecture is built in. No ticketing systems or user interfaces to engineer. With push notification systems and instant communication, it is incredibly easy to stay on top of support requests.

Millennium Agency 

Social media management can be time intensive. One post can result in a wave of negative commentary and press. That’s why it’s important to have the right people managing your social media.

At Millennium Agency, we’ve been managing marketing strategies for our clients for over 20 years. Our skilled experts can help you leverage social media, organic and paid, as well as planning and execution.

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