Once your SEO has gotten eyes on your page, how do you convert this audience? Emotional messaging keeps eyes on the page and generates click-throughs. SEO is useless without quality content that keeps leads engaged and wanting more.

The Benefits of Emotional Messaging

Customers respond to content that is competent and empathetic. Empathy is crucial to converting leads into clients. Certainly, customers want to know what you are thinking, but more than anything, they want to you to know what they are feeling. If you can communicate that you understand their pain, customers will trust your solution.

Keep Them Scrolling

The chief benefit of emotional messaging is that it increases the time spent on your site. By capturing the emotions of your prospects, your content becomes personal. Potential clients will see themselves in the stories you tell.

People love being recognized. Emotional messaging honors the plight of your clientele. When designing your content, develop a profile of your target audience. What are the things that cause them affliction? These are the things you will want to target with your messaging.

Humanize Your Brand

Humanizing your brand with a personality is a necessary step to creating your brand identity. By appealing to your prospects’ emotions, you communicate that you don’t just sell products, you solve problems.

Brand loyalty is no different than loyalty to one’s friends. It is earned through emotional bonding, mutual aid, and shared struggle.

Convert Your Leads

People love to feel heard. If they feel that your brand hears their needs and wants, they will be more likely to trust your solutions. If they trust your solutions, they will click through and buy.

When you develop your messaging, ask yourself some questions. What problem am I trying to solve? How does this problem make people feel? Craft your emotional messaging around the answers to these questions.

Opportunities for Emotional Messaging

One of the most difficult parts of emotional messaging is knowing how to include it. Often, we are tempted to explain our business by telling people what we do. Emotional messaging demands that you show rather than tell.

Tell a Story

The easiest way to inject emotional messaging into your content is to tell a story. Explain how the problem you are solving arises. Create a composite character from customer testimonials.

Everything that your business does is a story. How was your business founded? What obstacles have you encountered along the way? How have you gone above and beyond for your customers? All of these make great story prompts for emotional messaging.

Describe a Problem

Another way to incorporate emotional messaging is to describe a problem that your business solves. We often do this in our messaging without even giving emotion a second thought.

It is easy to forget that your product changes how people feel. When describing the problem you solve, think about how it makes people feel. When describing your solution, describe how people feel afterwards.

Trigger a Memory

Sometimes, it is not even necessary to spell out the emotions your prospects feel. If your problem is common enough, the right phrase can be enough to trigger a memory of your problem.

Nissan took advantage of this with their 2020 Sentra commercial. The commercial centered around a disappointment felt by numerous women across the country, “We’re going to hold off on promoting you this quarter.” For this, Nissan’s ad campaign was branded #relatable by Swaay magazine.

Choosing the Right Agency

Creating accurate buyer personas is the first step to effective emotional messaging. Buyer personas often require intensive research best handled by a professional marketing agency. Millennium Agency is an award-winning marketing firm based out of New Hampshire with clients across the country. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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