Here are seven things you should include in your blog:

  1. Photo. Having an image to visually enhance each blog will help attract your readers’ attention while giving an indication as to what your blog is about. Choose photos that will resonate with readers and evoke emotion or some kind of connection to the topic at hand.
  2. Social sharing buttons. With social sharing being of the utmost importance when it comes to reaching new readers with your blog, be sure that you include social sharing buttons to encourage readers to share your blog with their contacts.
  3. Sidebar call-to-action. Have the sidebar to your blog include some of your other latest blogs, comments from readers, banners, signups, sharing options, and more. Your sidebar should include engaging information for readers to continue on through your site.
  4. Signup option. In addition to social sharing options, include a blog signup option to encourage readers to get plugged into your blog and receive updates every time you put up a new post.
  5. Categorizing. Take the time to categorize your blogs into different topics to make it easier for readers to find what they’re looking for and learn about new topics. This will encourage them to explore your blog and make navigation easier.
  6. Author. Always include a snippet about the author at the bottom of each blog, even if it’s just the authors name, you should have something. What is ideal is to have the author’s name, small image, and a sentence or two about who the author is.
  7. Links to relevant sources. Having in-text links that send users to credible sources for additional valuable information or to reference statistics or claims in your blog is essential. Also include internal links to other blogs or sections of your website as appropriate. This will also help with SEO.


Do you include these things in your blog? What else do you find important?

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