Axe’s world peace ad to “make love not war” certainly made us pause and think about what’s really important to communities around the world and of course, we got a good laugh out of the three iconic men from Full House coming together again for a Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt commercial.

Even more impressive than these standout Super Bowl ads were the social media and viral advertising campaigns executed by some of the biggest companies in the U.S. Esurance killed it with a post-game ad telling viewers they saved $1.5 million by airing an ad after the Super Bowl and more importantly, that they would be giving that money away to one lucky winner that hashtagged #EsuranceSave30.

The hashtag rocketed through the Twitter world not only as a top trending topic after the Super Bowl but by earning Esurance more than 250,000 new followers and counting. Additionally, this ad showed the power of the hashtag, as we saw a lot of other ads using hashtags during the Super Bowl, as well as exemplified the viral capabilities of an ad campaign gone right.

JCPenney pulled a fast one on all of us and garnered a lot of Twitter attention with their seemingly drunken tweets only to surprise us by apologizing for all of the typos due to tweeting with their mittens on. They utilized the hashtag #TweetingWithMittens and posted a photo explanation with mittens that read “Go USA”. Even funnier, Doritos and Kia jumped in to make some smart and sassy comments back to JCPenney on their sloppy tweets. This kind of engagement is what Twitter users eat up.


Doritos also pulled off a “bold” campaign by testing how bold New Yorkers really were and rewarding them with tickets to the Super Bowl on the condition that they don a Dorito orange jacket to the game. There was a total of 50 fans that made up the “human Dorito” in the crowd at the game. This is gorilla marketing at its finest and sure earned Doritos some buzz on the web.


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