Here’s what you should ask yourself before you set out to do a website redesign:

Does your brand accurately reflect your business? Before you even think about a new website, ask yourself if your brand is really where you want it to be. Maybe you need a revamp of your logo which potentially means a new color scheme, tagline, font, and more. Make sure you’re happy with your brand first before you invest your resources into a new website.

Do you think the way your website is currently organized is ideal? Consider how you want to organize pages, content, and how you want to drive users to certain pages. Think about whether the current organization of the website is logical to your customer and will make it easy for them to navigate and access the correct information.

Does your messaging and content resonate with customers? Taking the time to update your content is an important piece in redesigning your website. Not only do you need to consider keywords and SEO, but you need to think about whether what you’re saying speaks to the customers and inspires action. Content should maintain the same tone and messaging across your website.

What aesthetics and functionality will appeal to your customers? Think about your audience, who they are and what will appeal to them most. Choose a layout that is modern, clean, and user-friendly. Include things like contact information, signup options, social media icons, maybe a blog, and much more. Redesign your new website with your current and future customers in mind.

What do you think is important in the redesign of a new website?

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