Promoted Accounts: This is often the quickest and easiest way to promote your brand and build a strong following on Twitter. Promoting your account allows you to create a larger fan base for your brand and business. Promoted accounts also allow you to manage cost efficiencies by only paying when someone follows your account.

Promoted Tweets: Unlike regular tweets, promoted tweets provide the benefit of reaching Twitter users outside of your current followers. Targeting keywords, gender, geography, device, and similarities to existing followers, promoted tweets will help your business capitalize on each tweet you send out.

Promoted Trends: Trends go beyond one tweet or one fan. Trends look to inspire mass audiences and breakdown the barriers of a business’s target market. When we think of Twitter trends we often associate this symbol, #, the hashtag. Promoting a trend like #Satisfried can help you link individual tweets and users to grow exposure and awareness around your advertising campaigns.

With over 200 million active users, Twitter is a great platform for your business to reach new audiences. As Twitter becomes more integrated into everyday experiences like live sporting events, television shows, news programs, and more, Twitter advertising provides unique opportunities to help increase brand awareness.

How would you use Twitter advertising to help promote your business?

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