Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories are ads that are shown to “friends of fans” (users whose friends are fans of your page). These ads display a friend’s profile photo and name with your advertisement to help enhance your brands credibility. Once specific posts, pages, apps, etc. are set as Sponsored Stories, advertisements can be generated from any of the following actions:

  • Page Like
  • Page Post Like
  • Page Post Comment
  • App Used or App Shared

Page Post Ads

The Page Post Ad offers the ability to display ads that create brand awareness, attract new fans, and drive engagement. Page Post Ads allow for more engaging and creative options in terms of the displayed advertisement. Along with this, these Ads are shown to everyone on Facebook, but provide the option to target specific demographics for enhanced marketing. Page Post Ad options currently include:

  • Text
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Link
  • Event

When you begin creating your next advertising campaign, consider all the different option Facebook provides and how they can help enhance your business.

Which of these two options do you feel would work best for you?

Image courtesy of http://www.graphicsfuel.com