It is sometimes the smallest things that can make or break a website, especially if they end up compiled onto one another. Even if you aren’t developing a new website or redesigning a current one, you should go through your website to review these seven things for a better quality site:

  1. Grammar – We can’t express this one enough, poor grammar and spelling will only reflect badly on your company and your brand. It can make you appear unintelligible, careless, and sloppy so do yourself a favor and have a copy expert review all of the text on your site.
  2. Contact Info – The contact information on your website shouldn’t require a treasure map to find. It should be right upfront in the homepage and easily accessible from every page on your site. Make it easy for your customers to contact you.
  3. Links – There’s nothing worse than a broken link, especially when it’s to an important document, another part of your website, etc. Every link on your website should be checked and rechecked.
  4. Load Time – This can be a pain point for many websites if an expert does not review and make the necessary improvements to maximize your site’s efficient, speedy load time. If users have to wait too long to access your site or anything on it, they will likely become frustrated and leave.
  5. Page Length – Web copy should be made for skimming and easy reading. More often than not, no one wants to read a webpage that feels like it’s a mile long. Users should be able to get a feel for each message on each page very quickly by just skimming your copy.
  6. Navigation – Also a key factor in a quality website. Your navigation should be simple, intuitive, and accurate. Again, users will become frustrated if they cannot navigate your site efficiently so review your navigation layout for the best possible solution.
  7. Images – Use images that are of good quality and resolution. Having a few blurry images, images that are too small, or images that are broken will take away from the aesthetic appeal of your site, as well as reflect poorly on your business.

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