One of the most important aspects of an infographic is creating it with “shareability” in mind. This begins with planning and research, then moves on to design and organization. You want to create something that is unique and entertaining but also that provides value. Here are six tips for creating a shareable infographic:

  1. Powerful Stats: Do your research and find the most compelling data and statistics to hammer home the point your infographic is trying to make. Be sure to pull data from reputable, trusted sources.
  2. Organize Content: Part of a shareable infographic starts with organization that then comes through in your design. You want to keep flow, readability, and simplicity in mind when you’re organizing your content.
  3. Include Keywords: For searching purposes, use keywords in your infographic, especially in the title. Whether you’re writing copy to go with your infographic or someone else is, there should be identifiable keywords to call out to aid in being found in searches.
  4. Catchy Title: Like a blog or article, your infographic should have a catchy title. Try to use relative keywords and persuasion in your title. For instance “tips to…” is always a grabbing title.
  5. Simplicity is Key: Infographics are meant to simplify data, not make it overwhelming and cluttered. Focus on keeping your infographic simple; select only the most powerful information.
  6. Design and Style: Infographics are visual so having an incredible design is a must. Be creative by using an attractive color palette, personalized graphics, and a unique layout.

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