With people getting more and more used to digital marketing – and the overall world of the internet – SEO strategies are changing. The same old “add a few links and keywords” tactic needs some boosting. One of the revelations that digital marketers came to, in terms of SEO, is interactive content.

Interactive content has an open communication channel that pulls the reader in. Rather than serving them passive content, interactive content’s engaging nature allows the reader to actively enjoy what’s in front of them.

If you wonder what interactive content brings to the SEO table, the answers lie ahead.

Types of Interactive Content

In order for you to better understand the benefits of interactive content, we should first clarify what falls under that content form. There are different types of interactive content, but these are some of the most popular ones:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Assessments
  • Contests
  • Calculators
  • 3D virtual reality view (of products)

What’s relevant to mention is that these types of content are all gaining in popularity. For example, infographics have had an increase in usage among B2B marketers during the last four years, and 67% of marketers are creating infographics, according to the 2020 Content Marketing Industry Report.

Videos are also seeing continuing growth in popularity. In 2019, people spent a weekly average of 6 hours and 48 minutes watching online videos – a 59% increase from just three years prior.

Based on the increased demand for interactive content, digital marketers have discovered how this can help improve their SEO strategy.

How Interactive Content Can Improve Your SEO

If you are thinking of employing interactive content, but you first want to learn about its power, you are in the right place. Here’s how interactive content can be a breath of fresh air in your SEO strategy.

1. Increase User Engagement

81% of people agreed that interactive content is more effective in grabbing their attention compared to static content. Simply put, interactive content is highly engaging.

But how does that tie into SEO?

According to Marcus Tober, the founder of Searchmetrics, “Looking at the March 2019 Core Algorithm Update, we see another example of Google rewarding user engagement and helpful content. This means that, as the amount of available online content grows, Google is paying more attention to signals that indicate whether users are happy or not.”

There it is. Search engines are looking for engaging content to improve user experience. Their goal is to match users with not just informative content but also with content that will engage them. Consequently, using interactive content will help you add value to your content.


2. Earn More Backlinks

The more backlinks your page has, the more search traffic it will get from Google. However, you have to earn those backlinks.

Estelle Liotard, a digital marketer and contributor writer at SupremeDissertations explains: “This is where interactive content steps on the scene. The versatility and engagement of interactive content are what motivates other website owners to link to your page.”

Let’s say that you’ve created an amazing video on digital marketing. Blog owners or marketers are more likely to link that video in their posts than to link to yet another blog post on the topic.

The same goes for infographics. Not only will they enrich your content, but they are also valuable to other content creators. Hence, more backlinks to your infographic.


3. Provide Customers with Relevant Information

Interactive content helps you navigate the user’s experience towards valuable information. It enables customization by displaying content in segments and leading users towards their goal.

Take quizzes as an example. They show customers that their opinion is important, but they also collect data that you can use to create more relevant content.

The data you collect can be used for:

  • improving your SEO strategy
  • increasing your conversion rate
  • creating better CTAs

Once you have the data in your possession (thanks to interactive content), you can team up with a writer and figure out the best way to make the most of the newly found information. Some interactive content forms, such as games, allow users to choose their path and experience a personalized approach to content consumption. Different types of interactive content provide different forms of improving the relevance of your content.


4. Have a Good Environment for Embedding Long-Tail Keywords

Did you know that 92% of all keywords that people type into search engines are long-tail keywords? Now imagine how much more traffic you will get if you manage to efficiently embed them into your content.

Interactive content is the perfect environment for long-tail keywords. This type of content demands context and is great for storytelling, which means that you’ll have room for adding relevant long-tail keywords.

Of course, many marketers rely on an essay writing service and professional writers to help them with this process. For example, if you wish to create content, you can research relevant long-tail keywords in your niche and craft an engaging content story that lets you add those keywords naturally.


5. Improve Users’ Mobile Experience

Interactive content demands that you ensure responsiveness. You won’t invest all that trouble to create interactive content only to let it be ruined when opened on mobile.

Mobile-friendly is a must feature when it comes to interactive content, which plays out well for SEO. With consistent tests of mobile-friendliness, you’ll also improve your website’s SEO.

When you consider that 94% of people judge websites on responsive web design, there is no surprise that Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for ranking. Keep this in mind while creating your interactive content.

There is a good reason why marketers claim that interactive content is the future of SEO. For one, it combines maximized user engagement and enjoyment with SEO benefits. As search engines focus more on providing users with relevant and interesting search results, interactive content will become increasingly more powerful.

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