Relationships surround us. They’re in our homes, our hobbies, and our offices. But how about our customers? Strong relationships are the key ingredient in setting your business apart from the rest. Making a lasting connection as opposed to a one-off interaction with your customers will increase customer satisfaction rates and brand loyalty. Here are some helpful tips on building client relationships that will last.

Communicate Regularly

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again, communication is the key. What’s true in marriage is true in business, at least in this case. Communication is, in fact, key to building long lasting client relationships. By regularly reaching out to your client base with news and useful information, you are keeping your business fresh in their mind. Limit the focus of you communications to promotions and sales and utilize a blend of softer sell pieces such as helpful newsletters, blogs, or tip sheets. Frequent, quality communication will allow your customers to feel more engaged and assist in laying down the groundwork for successful relationship building.

Enhance your Customer Service

As important as it is for you to communicate, it’s just as important for your customer to communicate to you. By enhancing your customer service and making sure everything is running smoothly, you’ll allow your customers to communicate freely with you. Improve your customer’s experience by adding an online chat feature to your website or a dedicated customer service extension to your phone system. By allowing your clients to engage in regular contact with your company to give feedback, they’ll feel closer and more comfortable with your company.

Introduce Customer Rewards

Show that you appreciate and value your customers by giving them special rewards when they do business with your company. By showing you are willing to give back to your customers, you’ll help build stronger client relationships between your company and your target audience. One effective type of rewards program is graduated customer rewards where the more customers spend, the more they can earn. This can increase spending and cut down on customers moving from program to program looking for the entry-level rewards. Your clients will be more likely to come back and your relationship with them will grow over time.

Hold Special Events

If budget allows, a personalized approach to building client relationships would be to host special events that allow staff and customers to connect face-to-face. Your customers will get all their questions answered and learn more about your business, all while having fun.

Building relationships in business is one of the most important factors in standing out amongst your competitors. Take the time to communicate with your customers and let them communicate with you. Remember not to do all the talking, because you could miss out on ideas about what your customers want and feedback that could improve the customer experience altogether. And finally, introduce customer rewards programs and hold special events to create even stronger brand loyalty. To learn more about how to build strong relationships with your customers, contact Jessica Chabot, Vice President, Client Services of Millennium Agency at

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