Positioning is all about establishing the identity of your business. Positioning of service refers to the impression a customer forms when they come in contact with your business, or to put it differently: who do they think you are as a business? The days of simply providing a service or product and then calling it a day are over. With so many different businesses out there and such easy access to goods and services via the internet, customers need to know that their values are being upheld by whoever they’re buying from. So how do you improve your positioning of service in order to maintain a competitive edge? Here are a few ways in which your business can improve its positioning of service.


Develop a mission statement

A mission statement clearly conveys what it is you stand for as a business. It is important to know what your values are before you try to position your business. Even more important than this is knowing your customer’s values. Your business’ values and your mission statement should stem from the wants and needs of your customers. The market is determined by what the consumer believes the producer stands for, no one wants to do business with someone whose identity they conflict with. Once you have a solid idea of the values you want to uphold for your positioning of service, you should put them in a clear and concise statement that outlines them for your customers and employees to see.

Know what is already out there

Be sure to study the competitors positioning of service. It is important that your positioning is not identical to your competitors. Generic or copycat businesses usually go unnoticed. Make sure your positioning shows that you are unique and that you stand out from the crowd. Another reason to study the competition is to find out what works and what doesn’t. While you want to be unique when it comes to the details of your business, it is important to know what hits home with consumers and what loses their focus.

Ensure that your positioning of service is uniform throughout your business

Consistency in a customer’s experience encourages repeat business. It is crucial that you maintain the same standards throughout all facets of your service. You want to ensure that your customers take away the same engaging experience from your website, your emails, and in-person encounters. If your positioning of service is inconsistent, your customers may not recognize the identity you are trying to convey and are less likely to do business with you in the future.

Test before implementing, then listen

A trial-run may be necessary before you roll out anything new. Many successful businesses often host consumer think tanks to test new ideas. This process of testing before implementing will help you determine if your message is achieving your positioning goals with your customers. It is important to note that even when new positioning strategies are implemented, they can always be revised to increase your competitive edge. Listening to your customers is a crucial step that many successful businesses take to measure customer satisfaction and ensure that their new positioning strategies are working to achieve the best results.


Remember, consumers these days are becoming more and more aware of who they are buying from and what their values are. Your positioning of service tells your customer exactly who you are and why they should do business with you. If you don’t feel that your service is conveying the right values to your customer base, contact Linda Fanaras, President/Strategist of Millennium Agency www.mill.agency.