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News releases, articles and white papers are all public relations strategies that can help your business get your story out in the market. Without a news release, you would have to depend on other ways to tell your story. Public relations combined with clear and concise communication tactics, can help you increase exposure, increase traffic to your website, maximize sales opportunities, benefit from SEO, and build working relationships with the media. Getting your story out is an important aspect of building credibility, a strong brand, and proven name for yourself.

Articles Build Credibility for Business.

Writing articles to be published in industry specific publications or online platforms achieve several public relations objectives. First, you will increase your SEO which is a powerful way to increase your website traffic. Second, it gives you the opportunity to improve social media sharing and engage with you audience. Third, you can add backlinks which track back to your website or your blogs, which helps build credibility with your high-value content.

With online writing, Millennium Agency can help you convert more visitors to leads and also to sales. When writing articles, using keywords and other terms will help you gain the interest of your ideal audience.

White Papers Educate Your Audience.

Well-researched white papers can provide many benefits to your business from a public relations standpoint. If you are a B2B business looking to influence your target audience, a persuasive and factual white paper is one consideration. It’s an incredibly valuable resource for any business who is seeking research-based information that has accurate, authoritative, and accurate content.

White papers are often overlooked because of the time and effort it requires to ensure accuracy. Well-research and detailed in nature, a high value white paper can help you generate more leads, convert prospects to customers, improve your SEO rankings, increase awareness of your brand, and position you as an authority in your industry.

eBooks Provide Resources for Learning.

Most business leaders and marketers love to learn and eBooks provide great insight on the latest trends in marketing, digital advertising, and public relations services. Easy to write, simple to design, you can learn about some of the best practices and techniques when it comes to email marketing, SEO optimization, video production, or even website design and development.

eBooks are low cost, and provide a great lead magnet for companies who are looking for a demand generation strategy. Chances are if you have a subject that you want to learn about, do a simple search and, most likely, you seek several eBook options for you.

Marketing Services

We love branding so whether you're a manufacturer or software technology or anything in between, we want to share our success stories with you. But first, check out the many marketing services we offer.

Market Research

Conduct market research, understand your target audience, their behaviors and attitudes, so you can reach them at the right time at the right place.

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Creative Design

A strong brand design and strategy will ensure your marketing is clear, concise and impactful. Powerful graphics and focused positioning drives you to win.

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Positioning & Storytelling

Brand positioning is what sets you apart. Having an emotional hook that you audience can relate will help you expand your reach.

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Digital Advertising

With an effective digital strategy, your marketing has the greatest potential for success. Millennium is a Google AdWords Certified Partner.

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Social Media

Social media provides more options for reaching your customers than ever before. Push content across relevant platforms to engage and interact with key audiences.

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Web Development

A well structured, modern designed website will help you build credibility, solidify the customer experience, and increase revenue.

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Marketing Automation

Building a workflow for marketing automation can mean a pipeline of leads so you can focus on other projects. Keep the leads coming, customers engaged, and achieve more.

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Data & Analytics

Data analytics provides critical data to measure, analyze and optimize any digital marketing campaign.

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