Most likely, you already have the basis of a personal brand in place. From your logo, business card, and email signature, to your sales results, networking skills, and interpersonal communication style, your brand’s foundation exists because of your reputation within your target market. However, it is critical to deliberately grow your brand to use it to its full advantage.

Take the time to analyze your brand to identify what you do best, and conduct some primary market research by asking former and existing customers about their experiences with you. Also, research your competitors to find out how they position themselves. What aspect of your personal style sets you apart? Use all of your collected data to develop a unique selling proposition (USP) – a persuasive message that communicates how your products or services stand apart from those of your competitors.

The key to developing a solid brand is consistency. Once you’ve determined what personal strength(s) to brand, ensure that your USP and/or slogan is included on all client-facing documents and forums – including your web site, stationery, voice-mail message, web directories, marketing materials, and social media accounts.

In addition, be cognizant of the fact that every meeting and interaction you have with prospective and existing customers, colleagues, and vendors is part of the personal brand and reputation you are creating.

Remember that you are your business. When carefully planned and developed, your personal brand will amplify your strengths and start working for you – creating opportunities, attracting customers, and closing sales. If you find you need assistance in jump-starting your brand strategy, contact an integrated marketing firm.