In addition to providing top-notch service to each prospect and client, business owners should seek out opportunities to write and place press releases, articles, and op-eds in local and industry publications. Each printing increases visibility, maximizes messaging, and enhances image. Business owners can also further their reputations as industry experts by securing speaking opportunities at relevant public, B2C, and B2B events and by sponsoring local charitable and civic events.

The results, experiences, and insights gained through public relations efforts will amplify your social media marketing strategy. First, it is imperative to research available social media applications, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube, among others, to determine those that will most effectively deliver your message to your target audience. For instance, a business serving a high number of professionals may find the most leads via LinkedIn, while producers may enjoy increased inquiries as a result of product demonstration videos posted on YouTube.

Business owners should share public relations outcomes, including press releases, blog posts, presentations, and links to published articles via social media. There are free web-based tools that allow users to post to all of their networks at once (e.g. Additionally, posting links to helpful and/or interesting industry articles that provide social media followers the latest news and information is always popular. Business owners can further their success in building a fan base, and promote their brand, message, and image, by creating tips and insights to share via their networks.

Social media marketing can easily be incorporated into your daily routine if you create a social media marketing calendar that includes product or service-related tips, upcoming events, articles, and links to industry news articles. Start with a two-month calendar and plan to post 3 to 5 times per week.

By tapping into your existing public relations efforts, industry knowledge, and personal news, you will quickly enhance your professional reputation and engage with your target market in a new and accessible way. To find out more about creating and following an integrated public relations and social media marketing strategy, or if you would like assistance in getting started, contact an integrated marketing firm.