Your brand is who you are, and what you have to offer to customers. When retaining a professional branding firm, you want to make sure that they have the knowledge to understand your brand’s vision and help bring it to reality. Branding trends are constantly changing and evolving along with technology, the economy, and social behaviors, and having a B2B branding firm that is well versed in cohesive, sustainable brand strategies is essential to success in the 2022 market. 

 1. How Does This Firm Approach their Clients?

You can learn a lot about a branding firm through how they navigate each interaction. How they approach their clients will tell you a lot about the quality of experience they have. Having a B2B branding firm that is transparent about their methods and prioritizes your unique needs and goals as a business can boost your brand’s success tenfold. If a branding firm is providing generic answers and standard outlines, do your brand a favor and run in the opposite direction. No matter what industry you exist in, originality is essential to success. 

A branding firm should welcome your input and oversight, and then use their specific marketing expertise and trusted methods to elevate your brand and its goals. Ask yourself, does this firm take the time to consider your company’s goals? Do they take time in the production process to explain design and content options to you? Or do they take the reins and leave it up to their interpretation? Similarly, do they take the time to set your company apart from their other clients? Having a brand strategy that is formed from the same mold as every single one of their other clients will not only leave you lost, but it will also give customers the impression that you lack originality – harming your brand awareness in multiple ways. 

 2. What Does this Firm Bring to My Industry?

Not all B2B branding firms are the same, and many specialize in specific industries – such as tech and manufacturing, retail, and the like. When in the market for the right branding firm, ask yourself “does this firm have an approach to branding that is relevant to my target audience?” Taking time to think critically about the specific branding needs of your industry can save you and your business a lot of time (and money) eventually! The easiest way to know whether a branding firm has the right niche experience for your brand is by asking them explicitly what they bring to your industry. Being able to identify their own strengths will give you a clever idea on their competency to effectively establish a cohesive, successful brand within your industry.  

 3. How Does this Firm Do Social Media?

Social media plays a massive role in branding – a role that is only going to grow more prominent throughout 2022. According to Oberlo, there are 3.78 billion users across the various social media platforms, which means that your B2B brand has the potential to be marketed to those billions of individuals at any given time. When choosing a branding firm, make sure to investigate what social media platforms they are familiar and successful with, and ensure that they align with your brand’s identity, goals, and audience. If your brand is targeted towards young adults and college students, you are going to be better off using a branding firm that is fluent in a multitude of social media platforms, whereas if your brand is geared towards those who are older, social media may be less prominent for you.  

 4. How do their Clients Rank?

Just as your customers use testimonials when deciding whether to do business with your brand, you can learn a lot about a B2B branding firm through their clients. Luckily, many firms publish some of their more notable clients and their work, which allows you to first-hand explore their work through the eyes of a consumer yourself. When looking at a potential branding firm’s past work, pay close attention to how they have chosen the brand. Do they have a cohesive theme? Is it clear what is being marketed? Is the information displayed easily accessible and easy to navigate from page to page? According to Forbes, 38% of users lose engagement if a website is unappealing, and 39% will lose engagement if the images on a website do not load. Likewise, having a cohesive theme and presentation across varying platforms – such as email and social media pages – has been known to increase revenue by 23%. When looking into a branding firm, make sure that their work is something you would be comfortable associating your brand and products with.  

 5. Does This Firm Use Long-Term Strategies?

Although it can be easy to focus on the immediate results of a B2B branding firm, before making your choice, look at the longevity of the firm. Do they specialize in start-ups? Or do they have a steadfast long-term approach? You want to make sure that the branding firm you select can maintain their promises and projects. Once the initial branding is done, it is important to ensure that the efforts stay consistent both in frequency and quality. With current technology particularly, it can be easy to pre-schedule emails, posts, videos, and many other marketing modes, months in advance. This also makes it easy to pre-schedule them and then forget about them. You want to select a branding firm that is going to take the time to continually check their marketing productivity and success, no matter how long they have been working for your brand. Your brand is not “one and done,” so your marketing strategies should not be either.

6. How Has This Firm Navigated COVID?

As we continue to work are out of the pandemic, looking into how a B2B branding firm navigated challenges throughout the last two years will provide insight into how strong their capacity for innovation is. Having a strong understanding of the challenges and changes that are expected – and unexpected – in the post-COVID marketing world is essential to establishing a successful brand. How does this branding firm handle customer communications in times of uncertainty? Do they have the infrastructure to navigate challenges that arise in a consistent manner? How do they ensure that their clients do not experience unsuccessful campaigns because of the changing COVID climate? We may be on the tail end of the pandemic, but every industry will feel the lasting rippling effects for some time. You want to make sure that you are partnering with a firm that is experienced at navigating challenging circumstances while still providing professional, successful results. 7.

7. What Do They Expect from their Clients?

One of the often-overlooked questions while looking for a B2B branding firm is what they expect from their clients. Ideally, a successful branding firm will value your team’s input and collaboration and will prioritize this throughout every step. Before partnering with a firm, ask what they expect from their clients? What are their turnaround timelines? At what points in the process do they ask for your review or approval? These are all incredibly important to determining whether they are the right firm for your company. Communication is crucial in the marketing world, make sure that you choose a branding firm that excels in it. Proper communication results in cohesive branding that is clear, accurate, and sustainable.  

 8. Who is Going to be Working on Your B2B Brand? 

The simple answer to this is going to be their team, but the detailed answer should include a discussion of which team members will be responsible for each role, and whether all their work is conducted in-house or if any of it is contracted out to free-lance workers. Brand transparency starts with the firm handling your B2B brand strategy and understanding who is going to be working on your brand is important to its overall success. Having a branding firm that handles all their work in-house, from strategy and design to copywriting and more, is beneficial when it comes to establishing a consistent, cohesive look and feel for your brand. There are benefits and drawbacks of working with both types of firms, and it depends on the needs and goals of your company. 

The Ideal Branding Firm Exists 

Regardless of what type of industry you are in, the perfect B2B branding firm for your company is out there! It can be challenging to navigate the hundreds of B2B branding and marketing professionals worldwide, which is why looking closely at each firm is essential. Whether you are a new brand or looking to conduct a re-brand, ask yourself these 8 key questions before you choose a B2B branding firm to bring your goals to reality. Your brand is unique, make sure that everyone knows that – especially the team handling its cultivation and maintaining it. There is no better way to start the process than to reach out to an experienced branding firm who knows exactly how to bring your brand vision to life.  

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