When a company develops their visual brand, a major consideration is creating a unique look and feel. A brand’s look and feel is crucial because it conveys your brand’s image. When establishing a look and feel for your brand, it means that you’re creating standards regarding your brand’s logo, colors, fonts, photography, and website. Whether you’re building a look and feel for your own personal brand or a client’s, consistency is the key to success. Your brand needs to look professional and visually pleasing, with consistency throughout all the visual aspects. Let’s start by breaking down the critical elements of a brand’s look and feel.


A logo should determine the visual direction for your overall brand. As you build or rebrand your business, focus on your logo first and then use it to strategically build out the rest of your visual identity. When you are making creative decisions for your logo, think beyond what looks best, and focus on developing a design that is aligned with your business’s core messaging and values. Your brand’s logo plays a vital part of your look and feel because it serves as an identifier of your brand. An effective brand logo will do three things: 1) build trust and brand recognition, 2) make your company or brand stand out from the competition, and 3) visually represent your brand in the most basic form. Your logo should be designed in black and white initially to avoid any distractions. Once you have solidified your design, you can begin exploring colors.


Color plays a critical role in your brand’s look and feel. Different colors evoke different emotions, and often serves as a first impression for the customer. Take time to review the psychology of color and choose a color palette that will speak to your core demographic. Color is a great way to contribute your brand’s look and feel while adding versatility to your designs. Take advantage of the color palette that you choose – it is a chance to visually communicate with your customers. Also, it is important to note that the colors you choose for your brand’s look and feel can increase recognition up to 80 percent and end up being the biggest reason consumers decide to buy!


Similar to a photo or icon, fonts are a great way to elevate your designs and content. Your font choice is an effective way to express your brand’s personality and the atmosphere you’d like to create when presenting your name and tagline in your logo. Be careful not to choose too many fonts – remember you want to stay consistent. You should choose fonts each with a specific purpose – some for print and some for the web. To determine the best font for your brand’s look and feel, make sure that they read well, are visually pleasing, and use them throughout all your branding assets.


Investing in quality photography for your brand’s look and feel can boost your business. When a brand prioritizes professional photographs to showcase themselves, they’re more likely to stand out among their competitors in the industry. Photography elevates a brand’s look and feel by helping customers better understand the benefits of the products or services that you provide. It can make a potential client feel more trusting of a provider. Use photography as a tool to elevate your design elements and create consistency across all your social media platforms, flyers, website design, and collateral. A good tip is to find a set of photos that you love and use those exclusively across all of your brand assets. This will give your designs visual cohesiveness.


Once you’ve finalized all your design elements, it’s time to build out your most important brand look and feel asset and promotional tool – your website. Often entrepreneurs make the mistake of prioritizing their website design and treating the logo as an afterthought. Having your logo ready first, allows you to incorporate your branding colors and fonts into a website in addition to the photos that you have chosen. To ensure your website and logo work in tandem, implement your core logo colors throughout the web pages as accent colors. Consider also using your logo’s secondary colors to establish an even stronger connection. Make sure to take advantage of your website because it serves as your online store and often replaces print publications. Your website plays a key role in supporting your brand, facilitating sales, and generating leads. A website is a perfect way to display your brand’s look and feel because it delivers your marketing message all day, every day.

These critical elements of your visual identity will help you develop the ideal look and feel for your brand. If you are looking for fully custom branding, our team at Millennium can help you succeed.

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