Your business logo can make or break your brand. Whether you are just starting your business or considering a rebrand for your existing web business – make sure your logo is spot on. All of your brand assets; such as your website, social media accounts, business cards, posters, etc. will derive their creative information from your logo. This article will cover five business logo design tips that can help you elevate the quality and longevity of your logo.

1. Don’t Be So Literal with Your Graphic

One of the first decisions you need to make when it comes to your logo is whether you are going strictly text-based or including a graphic. Your business logo graphic is not only a visually pleasing touch, but it should represent your business and resonate with your customers. A mistake many entrepreneurs make is to go very literal with their graphic choice. For example: just because your business is an email client application doesn’t mean you are restricted to using an envelope logo graphic. Many of the most famous web brands don’t even include a graphic at all. When you do go the brand mark route, think more abstract than literal. Amazon, for example, uses a cleverly pointed arrow indicating they sell everything from A to Z. Use our custom logo design services to get a professional logo based on your very own brand/brand guidelines. Our talented team of designers is on standby to assist with your project. For a quick do-it-yourself solution, you can try an application like Logo Creator.

2. Get Your Brand Colors Right

When it comes to color choice don’t just go based on your personal preferences. Of course, this is your logo and you have to love it but keep an open mind. Each color has a different psychological impact so it’s important you choose one that’s aligned with your business values. Blue for example is associated with trust, stability and intelligence while red indicates strength, power and passion. Once you find a core color that conveys the right message, it’s time to find an accent color or two. It’s recommended to stick to 1-3 colors for your logo. As soon as you start to incorporate more colors the design can quickly get too busy. Design rules are broken successfully all the time but that typically requires an experienced designer to pull it off.

3. Be Deliberate in Your Font Choice

Your logo font is another opportunity for brand messaging. Another mistake many small business owners make is choosing a font simply based on style preferences. Just like colors, fonts are often associated with different meaning. Whether you got with a serif, sans serif, script or any other font style should be determined based on what reads best for your target audience. Once you understand which font communicates the right message and is pleasing visually, it’s time to find a font that pairs well – if you choose to incorporate a tagline as well. Pairing fonts is difficult even for experienced designers so try a free tool like Canva to find a winning combination.

4. Keep it Simple

A rule of thumb for business logo design that can’t be repeated enough is “keep it simple!” It’s easy to get carried away with beautifully designed graphics, complex color combinations, fancy effects and more. A logo is not an illustration or art piece to admire but it should be memorable. The purpose is to build a memorable brand and a simple logo with clean lines is much easier to remember. When in doubt don’t use more than three colors, don’t incorporate more than two fonts, and use a simple graphic.

5. Your Logo Is Only as Good as Your Implementation

Once you finalize your business logo, it’s time to show off your hard work. Sadly, implementation is often where things go wrong. The perfect logo will look terrible if you use the wrong file type and sizing, as the result will be a blurry or a skewed version of your hard work. Before uploading your logo to your website, make sure you know exactly what the file type and sizing requirements are. The same goes for your social media accounts or any other place where you are showcasing your brand.

Designing a logo for your web business, or any business for that matter, is an exciting task during your start-up phase. This is a good time to slow things down to ensure you are going about the design process in a deliberate way. Don’t rush through it just to get a logo in place and don’t get so involved that your efforts result in an overcomplicated design. Whether you create your own business logo or hire a designer, keep these tips in mind – you’ll end up with a professional-looking logo that you can be proud of.

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