A way to captivate prospective customers, build engagement and trust – video advertisements do it all. Sticking to just still images in your media campaign can mean that prospective customers just look past your business entirely. About 45% of people watch more than one hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week – target that 45% with video ads!

Here’s what else video ads can do:

Get Your Point Across

Video advertisements allow you to convey more information to your audience than still images. This information will also be more easily absorbed, and your message will get across more quickly than if you were to add lots of copy to a still image – where you’re more likely to lose your audience’s interest. Video ads allow more information to be conveyed in an effective and efficient manner.

Increase Engagement

It’s probably not too surprising that video ads receive more engagement than image ads alone, but it’s still worth mentioning. Your prospective customers are more likely to stop scrolling when they come across a moving video ad than a simple picture. Since these kinds of ads get noticed more, it increases their engagement. Pro tip: add a call-to-action at the end of the video so your prospective customers know just what to do!

Building Trust

As we continue to move into targeting more Millennials and Gen Z – there are certain practices that bode well with these generations. Millennials and Gen Z look for authenticity and transparency when choosing their favorite brands. They want a business that they know, like and trust. Video ad campaigns allow a more personalized platform to educate your business’s target audience on what you do and who you are. Video ads allow for a more authentic connection to be built in a shorter amount of time and can help showcase your brand’s unique personality.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Prospective customers want to know what makes you different from the competition – with video ads you can stand out. By creating high-quality video ads, you will significantly differentiate your brand from your competitors. Video creation, production and execution takes a long time and a lot of work so many brands opt out of it. However, video ads are a growing trend so get ahead now!

The Perfect Blend of Videos and Images

Both images and video ads, if executed well, can coexist in the same platform and generate high-quality leads. Since video ads take longer to execute than still images, plan ahead about what you want to accomplish and when you want to advertise. Let the still image advertisements fill in around your video.

If you’re interested in creating video ads for your business but don’t know where to begin – contact us today and we’ll help you get started. Our team of marketing experts can help your brand develop, create, and execute an effective video advertisement.

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