Sparking up interest for your cannabis brand can be challenging. With fierce competition and so many rules and regulations to keep track of, your brand can easily get swallowed up. Adapting to your consumers’ needs and creating content that draws in new audiences can seem like an impossible job, but with some help from us, those challenges can be put to bed.

  1. Blazing Brand Strategy

As you would with any marketing campaign, having a strong brand strategy is essential. You can’t market your products if you don’t know the core values that drive your company to success. Start by defining your company values. Then identify the problems you want to solve for your consumers, and work on communicating your message on various platforms.

  1. A Smoking Social Media Campaign

Social media is your best friend when it comes to marketing cannabis effectively to your audience. The images that can be curated from your product line(s) and displayed on Instagram are unmatched. As Instagram is very image-centered, it’s essential to put your best greens forward. Behind-the-scenes footage of products and your store can also create a feeling of transparency to your business, a trait Millennials and Gen Z value in their brands. Additionally, one of your top goals when marketing cannabis should be to educate not sell, but what does this look like in terms of social media? You can include recent and relevant industry news, educational graphics and links to recent studies to educate your audience and get them interested in the industry.

  1. Weeding through Websites

You may feel nervous about what you can post on traditional social media platforms, but there are websites out there specifically for cannabis brands to show off. Leafwire, Mjlink and Weedable are a few of the platforms that stand out to us. Connecting with other cannabis brands or wholesalers is made simpler with these platforms and you know your audience is already there looking for a brand like yours. Just create some content to draw in the customers.

  1. Captivating Cannabis Content

Now that we’ve established where the best places to market your content are, it’s time to focus on the content itself. As we mentioned above, one of your top goals is to educate your audience instead of trying to sell to them. This can be done with blog posts, case studies, eBooks, white papers, podcasts, webinars and more. All of which our team of experts at Cannabis Brands can handle for you if you don’t know where to begin!

  1. Mary Jane Media Coverage

Getting the word out there is especially critical for cannabis companies because the industry is still in the early stages with lots of fierce competition. Writing media pitches to news outlets could be the best way for your company to get noticed. Try outlets like Cannabis Business Times or Marijuana Venture as these are geared specifically to the cannabis industry.

Marketing in the cannabis industry is very challenging. Constantly trying to stay on top of changing rules and regulations while creating meaningful content to combat your competitors is a lot to handle. However, we can help with the content to alleviate some of that stress, contact our team of experts at our sub brand, Cannabis Brands!

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