Here are some tips for big event marketing:

1. Create a website. Having a website devoted to your event makes things easier for potential guests. It allows you to centralize all of the information people need to know about the event. Remember to make the site easy to navigate; this will make the experience more convenient for visitors. If there will be speakers at your event, include some information about them. Highlight the best details of your event upfront and the benefits it will provide to the attendee.

2. Make use of social media. Your social media pages are the best place to promote your event. Create an event on Facebook that includes a link to the website and a brief description. Be sure to include deadlines such as when to register for attending the event. Tweet about the event often to provide new details and reminders. Your goal is to reach as many people as you can, and since Twitter feeds are constantly changing, your Tweets will not be seen for very long.

3. Invite the media. Members of the media generally have a very big reach and can help your spread the word about your event. Include members of local TV, newspapers, or radio stations on your guest list to help boost attendance and lend credibility to your event. It should also help you get some coverage, which leads to better word-of-mouth for your company after the event.

What types of strategies do you use to market your big events?

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