Here are four tips for a better social media strategy next year:

  1. Spend your time with the right platforms. It’s easy to go into social media guns blazing, signing up for every social media platform there is. However, not every social platform will be the right for your company or industry. Take the time to find out which social media options are best for you and then maximize your efforts by spending the majority of your time with those pages.
  2. Develop benefit-oriented content. People become invested in social media to stay connected and interact with others. If you want to capture their attention, develop benefit-oriented content that will provide them with value and opportunities. People like companies based on their shared values, so open up and show off your company’s unique personality.
  3. Reward your audience, again and again. In addition to providing benefit-oriented content and value, you should reward your followers for connecting with you and interacting with your social communities. You can do this by offering special discounts, promos, information, events, contests, products/services, etc. Be creative in how you reward your audiences.
  4. Track your results, refine your strategy. Many social media platforms provide analytics but there are also other tools you can use like Hootsuite to get in-depth feedback. Use this information to find out what your followers are most receptive to. Maybe there is a certain topic or style of post that does better than others. Refine your strategy based on your results.

Have any social media tips for the New Year? Tell us all about it in the comments below.