Here are some PR tactics you can use to better message and brand your company in the public eye.

News Releases: Utilizing news releases is a good way to send updates to the media, obtain placements in news sources, and even gain further interest for articles, interviews, etc. News releases should be planned out strategically throughout the year and contain the most imperative, news worthy content from your company.

Articles: Pitching article topics to the media is an excellent way to gain placements, potential features, and even sometimes interviews. This also helps build relationships with editors and reminds them that your company is there and doing well. Being published in credible sources helps build your reputation and spreads your messaging across different mediums to varying audiences.

Whitepapers: Developing a whitepaper is an excellent tool for educating customers on what it is you specialize in and how you do it best. You can work towards having whitepapers published in credible sources, use them as marketing tools and incentives on your website or through e-blasts, and more. These are valuable resources that exemplify your company’s area of expertise.

What PR tactics do you use to build your brand and spread your message?