From popular brands to television shows and the most trendy words of the month, hashtags are now used around the globe by all sorts of people and businesses. Here are the best social media platforms that support hashtags for your business to use:

Twitter: This is where hashtags originated, and as the inventor of hashtags, Twitter continues to be the most used site for them. Hashtags are used to track and join in on trends, as well as expose you to other hashtags that may be of interest with Twitter’s trending hashtag sidebar. You can also search and filter hashtags on Twitter.

Facebook: Facebook is newer to the hashtag game, introducing them less than a year ago in June 2013. Like Twitter, you can search for them on Facebook and join in relevant conversations.

Google+: With a unique way of displaying hashtags on the upper right side of the post, Google+ allows you to view other posts with that hashtag without leaving the page. Additionally, Google+ displays related hashtags that allow you to discover new conversations.

Pinterest: Also new to hashtags, you can use Pinterest to search and discover related pins and content by clicking on one. You can also search by pins, boards, and pinners by the content in the pins.

Instagram: Hashtags are used the same way on Instagram as they are the previous social media platforms. However, Instagram is known for having photo challenges and using hashtags to submit and take part in contests.

**Helpful Hint: Remember to choose your them wisely and not overdo do it. Using one is often sufficient and a good choice. If you use more than one, be sure that they are all relevant.

Do you use hashtags in your social media marketing?

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