Instagram is focused on visual, high-quality content that can be used to engage customers, build a reputation on Instagram, and visually convey the culture and promise of a brand. Here are twelve tips to kick start your business on Instagram:

  1. Complete your profile. Like with any social media profile, make sure you completely fill out the information, add pictures, and optimize it to connect to your website and other networks.
  2. Connect with Facebook. You can connect your Instagram to your Facebook to cross market your accounts, as well as add an Instagram tab to your Facebook that makes sharing photos easier. Fun fact: Instagram is owned by Facebook.
  3. Take creative pictures. Post pictures that are exceptional visually and really highlight your brand’s culture, employees, products/services, and more. Only post high-quality material that will make a memorable impact on your customers and irresistible to engage.
  4. Highlight your culture. Pictures are a great way to share with your customers what your business is all about. They should be able to get a good feel for who you are and what your business is passionate about just by scanning through your Instagram page.
  5. Inspire your customers. Post thought provoking images, sneak peeks at new products, and photos or videos that will get them excited about being in-the-know with your brand.
  6. Host a contest. Use your Facebook account to host an Instagram contest that inspires customers to snap their own pictures and hashtag them back to your for prizes and more.
  7. Reward your followers. Your customers are your biggest asset and accomplishment; reward them with promos, incentives, discounts, exclusive opportunities, and more for following you.
  8. Use hashtags. Take advantage of hashtags to spread your brand pictures across Instagram and hopefully, engage new audiences. Hashtags can be a powerful way to connect with an entire social media platform. Stay in the know.
  9. Integrate videos. Instagram, fairly recently, added video capability to their platform. Use these 15-second videos to build brand awareness and mix up your posts. Videos have the ability to go viral and can be embedded into things like your blog for further promotion.
  10. Engage with followers. Use your visual creativity to engage your followers in honest, memorable conversation. Be friends with your customers and allow them to immerse themselves in your brand’s story.
  11. Develop a posting plan. Have a plan of action for your Instagram account. Will you post once a week, once a day? Will you use videos? Create a game plan to help you stay on track while building your brand’s audience on Instagram.
  12. Network with other brands. Connect with other brands by following them, engaging with their posts, and staying current on industry trends. It pays to make friends.

Do you have an Instagram for your business?

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