Once you integrate some simple copywriting tips for the web into your writing, you’ll see that with some sharing and promotion, your copy should generate more link building and help improve you SEO rankings.

Here are eight simple copywriting tips to get started:

  1. Headlines – More often than not, your headline is your first selling point. This will be what entices a reader to click into your content and actually give it a read. Like any good product, you’ll want to ensure that you more than deliver on what you headline advertises.
  1. Sub-headlines – Just like a compelling article in a magazine, you should include a sub-headline whenever you can. This is another opportunity to engage the reader if they’re not quite sold. Expand on your headline with an equally engaging message that will seal the deal.
  1. Numbers – If you want to snag someone’s eye, include numbers in your headline, sub-headline, callouts in your copy, and content. We naturally respond well to numbers like “10 Easy Steps” or “45% of people…” Use these to your advantage when writing your copy to generate interest.
  1. Lists – Using lists to help breakdown your copy is an excellent way to engage readers and allow them to scan your copy while still being able to take away the gist of your message. Whether it’s bullets or numbers, you should work them into your copy when appropriate.
  1. Pictures – Having visual aids is always important in content. People are very visual as a rule, especially on the web when they are making split second decisions on what they will or won’t click or read. Choose pictures that are vibrant, engaging, and expand on your content.
  1. Scanability – Here’s one of the key factors in great web copy, it should be scanable. In just a few seconds, your reader should be able to scan your copy and get a feel for the kind of content and information they will find. If they see enough in those few seconds they like, they will often continue reading and hopefully link your content.
  1. Credibility – Adding credibility to your message and copy will only help you. Pull information and statistics from credible sources to help back up what you’re saying. Remember to only link to other credible, well-known sources.
  1. Personality – Don’t forget to bring your personality to the table. Just like with television shows, radio and online talent, etc., having a memorable personality and tone to your writing is a hook.

How do you improve your link building? Do you use any of these simple copy tips?


Image courtesy of phanlop88 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net