If you’re sending out news releases on behalf of your company, then you know that having good relationships with your media contacts and sending out relevant news is only part of the process. Writing an informative, quality release is integral in the success of your efforts and potential exposure from the release.

Here are eight tips to write a successful news release for your business:

Choose a newsworthy topic. Your news topic selection is the first most important part of writing a successful release. Choose topics that relate to business development, new products or services, new hires, events, etc. Do not use an irrelevant or dated topic. Also, keep in mind the kind of information the publications you are sending your release to publish.

Keep your content fact-based. News releases are meant to provide factual, relevant information on a newsworthy topic. In no way should your releases be promotional or sales oriented. Provide relevant information in your news release that will allow the publication to be able to run the news with all the details, and even inspire a reporter to contact your for additional information.

Write an irresistible headline. You know the kind of headlines that catch your attention. Write an irresistible headline for your news release that will snag an editor or reporter’s eye and inspire them to read further. A great headline can be the difference between your news being published or not.

Include an internal quote. You should always include an internal quote from your business that comes from the owner/president, department executive, or most appropriate representative for the topic of your release. Your internal quote should highlight and comment upon the benefits of your news and how it will impact your business.

Customer quotes are even better. If you can obtain a quote from one of your customers, clients, partners, or other essential individual, it will add to the relevancy and interest of your news release. Quotes, whether internal or external, help add to your story and often encourage publications to publish your news.

Provide additional information. You should always provide additional information on your business at the end of your release. This should include some background information, who you are, what you do, and any other pertinent information. Always include additional information about another business referenced in your release whether it a customer, partner, vendor, etc.

Direct to your website or appropriate source. In addition to information about your business, you should include a direct link to your website for readers to learn more. Additionally, depending on the topic of your news release, provide relevant links to additional information whether internal or external.

Proofread your release, at least twice. Proofreading is essential to anything you write for your business, especially news releases. Once you hit send, your release is gone along with any errors you may have overlooked. Be sure to check spelling, facts, contacts, links, formatting, and more. Your release should be pristine before you send it.

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